UFO Sightings and Related Events (2017)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

Report submitted by David, via the sighting report form, on the 30 October 2017.  Addition information was provided by email, on the 31 October 2017 including a sketch.

Sighting of Saucer Shaped UFO at Springton, South Australia on the 29 October 2017 at 3.30 am (Central Daylight Time UTC plus 10.5hrs) 

The following report is courtesy of UFO researcher, Keith Basterfield. 

Location: Springton, South Australia (Latitude 34.709S and Longitude 139.089E).

David observed an unusual object, travelling east to west across a very clear, dark night sky.  He described the object as being saucer shaped, five to six metres long, with a bell-like top.  The objects length was equal to its width.  

Initially, the entire object was glowing bright orange/red.  He estimated its angular size to be equal to that of the full Moon (i.e. 0.5 degrees.).  The east to west trajectory was at a slow and unchanging angular speed. 

The object stopped its movement at one point and blue, red and yellow colours appeared, like little Christmas lights; flashing, dotted all over for two seconds.  Then these lights went out, and the object quickly dropped 50 metres, then recommenced travelling westward and then lost to view behind trees, as if it was going to land.  The total duration of the sighting was five minutes.  No noise could be heard from the object.

Weather details from the Bureau of Meteorology at 3.30 am on the 29 October 2017 (Station number 023878 Mount Crawford, SA, 14.8 km from Springton, SWA): Temperature: 12.5 Degrees Celsius, relative humidity: 74 percent, wind from the north at 26 km/hr and barometric pressure: 1004.8 hPa.

Astronomical: The Sun, Moon, and the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter were all below the horizon at the time of the sighting.

A sketch of the UFO, drawn by the witness, is shown below.

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Report submitted by Isabel, via the sighting report form, on the 30 August 2017.  Addition information was provided by email, on 4 September 2017.

Sighting of Saucer Shaped UFO near Burrill Lake, NSW, Australia on the 30 August 2017 at 2 pm 

I was driving back from Nowra to Batemans Bay on the Princes Highway, it was about 2 pm and I was just past Burrill Lake, NSW.  The sky was clear.

I look up and saw a large silver disc shaped object gliding from the coast over the tree line about 500 metres high.  The object appeared to be headed towards Pigeon House Mountain and was about 30 to 50 metres long.  It had a silvery shine that reflected the clouds and blue coloured circulating lights around the edge at the bottom.

I was in awe and also a little confused as to what I was witnessing, I am not aware that anyone else saw it.  There were a few other vehicles on the road but none slowed or stopped perhaps not noticing it.

As it glided past without sound and with no visible smoke or jet stream it must have been visible for about 30 seconds.

I sketched the object as soon as I returned home and have attached this drawing (see below).  I so wish I had access to my phone, but alas it was over so quickly and I was driving about 100 km/hour.

I have not seen anything like this and feel quite fascinated now, as I do know what I saw and it was real.

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Report initially submitted by Bruce, via the sighting report form on the 15 August 2017.  Additional information was gathered during a site visit, on the 31 August 2017.

UFO Captured by Security Video Camera on the 8 August 2017 at Auburn, NSW, Australia

The building manager at a high rise residential block of 198 units located at 2 Macquarie Road, Auburn, NSW, contacted the Association and subsequently supplied the security video.  The manager would not normally have been at work at 7 am, when the sighting occurred however he was in at work early due to construction work at the site.  He noticed the unidentified object on the security monitor in his office, at the time this occurred.  He was not able to get into the quadrangle to see to object before the object departed.  If he had not noticed the object in the video and copied this video, it would have been lost, since the videos are recorded over, every three weeks.  The manager has the security videos password protected so no others can gain access.  The manager has no capability to alter videos and we are confident that there is no CGI manipulation in the video.

An identical copy (.avi) of the original video has been uploaded to YouTube, for others to contribute to the analysis.

The time and date stamped security video was taken on the 8 August 2017, with camera 13.  Camera 13 is mounted on the north-west corner of the courtyard at first floor level, in the quadrangle of the block.  This camera faces east and therefore the rising sun is in the upper left corner of the scene.  The security camera 13 has infrared (IR) capability, but only at very close range, therefore the object is beyond the range that IR would be detected by the camera.  This camera is the only camera that is mounted in the quadrangle.

The video shows a bright disc shaped object, without a clear margin (blurred/fussy/defocused), moving from the right-hand side of the scene to the upper left-hand side of the scene.  The object first appears on the right-hand side at 7.06:07 and moves into the glare of the sun on the upper left-hand side at 7.07:40.  The object appears to be leaving an exhaust or area of heated air in its wake, this is particularly noticeable when it is in front of the roof on the toilet block.  The object initially appears to be in the shade and when it moves into the sunlight, past the toilet block, its appearance doesn’t change.  The sun’s position would suggest that much of the yard, is in the shade. The swimming pool is located on the left hand-side and a toilet block is in the middle of the scene.

When the object first appears, it is likely to be moving from behind the leaves of a tree on the right-hand side.  If it is proved that the object is moving from behind the tree leaves, on the right-hand of the scene, then we are confident, that insects can be excluded.  If insects are excluded then we are left with a drone or an anomalous object, such as an UFO.  The object appears to be moving in front of all features in the scene, except, probably, when it first appears on the right-hand side.  The movement of the object may be described as ‘robotic’ and purposeful, with some momentary, pausing and direction reversal.  There is the possibility of the object being caused by the reflection of sun light, however this appears to be unlikely since the altitude and azimuth of the sun has changed by significantly less than one degree (Source: Geo Science Australia).

The building manager was interviewed on the 31 August 2017 and images of the scene were taken.  The manager thought that the object may be an airborne UFO.  This is the first time he has viewed an anomalous object in a security video.

Camera 13 is wall mounted and the camera has a plastic semi-spherical lens cover.  This is the only camera located in the quadrangle. A spiders’ web is visible around the base of the mounting bracket, however when viewed from the ground on the 31 August 2017, no spiders’ webs were visible over the plastic lens cover.

None in the building have reported any unusual sightings, that we are aware of. There are probably hundreds of residents with windows facing the quadrangle and therefore it is unusual that there were no known reports from residents.

The analysis of this video must exclude mundane causes, for example, airborne spiders in web, flying insects and insects walking on the plastic lens cover. We are aware of other security videos purporting to show orbs/UFOs but comments indicate that the objects are likely to be insects, for example: https://youtu.be/N52NFi6wuQc.

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Report submitted by John, via the sighting report form, on the 9 August 2017.  Addition information was provided by email, on the 11 August 2017.

Sighting of UFOs Flying in Formation at Malalayang Satu, Malalayang, Kota Manado, Sulawesi Utara, on the 9 August 2017 at about 3 pm

On the 9 August 2017 at around 3 pm I saw a formation of seven white flying objects.  I called my wife and daughter and they could see the same thing.  The formation was made up of one large white UFO and six smaller UFOs, the largest appeared to be circular, the others appeared to be boomerang or a ‘V’ in shape, otherwise they were white dots.  I first saw them at about the one o’clock position from where I was standing, facing north.  They were travelling slowly across the blue sky at a height of about 7,000 to 10,000 metres.  The objects appeared to be just below the Cirrostratus clouds, but well above the Cirrocumulus clouds that were in the same area.  The UFOs appeared to pulse or reflect light, maybe sunlight.

The six smaller UFOs maneuvered similar to military jets during refuelling in flight.  None of the objects appeared to be in a tethered position.  After a few minutes, the UFOs jockeyed around in the formation with the largest UFO slightly in the lead.  The two smaller UFOs were in a position to the port side and others to the starboard side of the larger UFO.  As they travelled west in a line, except for some of the smaller UFOs, that moved gradually closer then then slowly away from the larger UFO.

I could see this formation clearly for about four to five minutes, but as they travelled away the smaller UFOs appeared to disappear from sight.  By this time the larger UFO was a pinpoint, the last position I could see the UFOs was at the 11 o’clock position, flying to the west.

I tried to take some photos but my Olympus camera had flat batteries and the phone camera couldn’t focus.

I don’t know if they were UFOs or not, but the way the smaller ones were manoeuvring, no aircraft could do that.  I have seen B52, B2, F111 and FA18 military aircraft, these things were not aircraft.

In my 72 years I have witnessed four strange UFO sightings, but these white dots were very interesting, if nothing else!  It makes me even more certain the powers to be know a lot more about UFOs than they tell us.

Report submitted by Pat, via the Guestbook on the 26 July 2017.  Addition information was provided by email, on the 1 October 2017 by Pat and Robyn.

Sighting of UFO at Campsie, NSW, Australia, on the 25 July 2017 at about 3.30 to 4 am

Pat’s report:

I was woken by my wife (Robyn), who was looking out the window of our bedroom.  The first thing I noticed after wakening was a low frequency throbbing/hum/pulsation sound in our bedroom.  I said to Robyn, ‘What is that?’  Her response was, ‘It has to be military.’  I sat up and looked out the window and saw a pulsating, roundish disc shaped glow, in the distance.  The object didn’t appear to be moving fast and appeared to fly above and past our house. 

The noise made me more disconcerted than the light itself.  We watched the object for about five minutes.  The light moved away and the pulsating sound could still be heard in the bedroom.  We discussed why the military would be doing anything over Campsie.  I said to my wife, ‘It’s a UFO,’ she replied, ‘What would a UFO be doing over Campsie?’

Robyn’s report:

The noise woke me up, so I got up and looked straight out the window.  I saw a round light that was alternating between being very bright and low lighting.  I thought I must be military, since I don’t believe in aliens and UFOs.  Once my husband woke up, I said, ‘It’s not a plane or a helicopter, I have no idea what that is.’  The noise was so low (in frequency) and pulsating, this disturbed me.  The object slowly took off into the distance, after five minutes.  That’s when the noise stopped, when it left.

Both of us are fine, we did not experience anything else in relation to this sighting.  We were surprised it wasn’t in the news, the next day.  It was like we were the only ones who experienced this.

Editor’s note:  The humming sound heard by Pat and Robyn has been associated with some other close proximity encounters with a UFOs.  Low frequency sound is not attenuated to the same extent as higher frequencies and therefore may be heard though building materials, for example walls and roofs.  This report is another example of a sighting that occurred in a densely populated inner suburb of Sydney, NSW.  The time of the sighting, in the early hours of the morning, is when the object would be least likely to be observed, and therefore this may be deliberate to minimise detection. 

Report submitted by Julien, via the sighting report form, on the 6 August 2017.  Addition information was provided by email on the 11 and 15 August 2017.

Sighting of UFO at the Surfside Avenue Lookout, South Avalon, NSW, Australia, on the 23 July 2017 at about 3 pm 

My girlfriend and I were driving to a lookout at South Avalon to watch the waves.  Before getting there, while we were stopped at a red traffic light, we saw, above the lookout, probably 100 metre above our heads, an odd looking triangular shaped object.  The object was probably the size of a car, with no visible wings or propellers.  The object emitted no sound, it was literally just hanging there and not moving in the air.  We managed to park and witness this object for about five minutes, in that time we couldn’t recall any similar looking objects!

We could see only one side of the object, but could clearly see it was a three dimensional object.  People with their kids were pointing at the object but we didn’t get to talk about it with them.  The object was there when we arrived at the lookout, it was kind of dark coloured with silver reflections.  It appeared to be metallic and had five corners (see sketch below).  Spherical bubbles appeared to be all around the object, my girlfriend was looking at it when it disappeared.  We were freaked out by this sighting and then went down to the beach thinking the object had landed, but this object could not be seen on the beach.

When the object suddenly disappeared, it was, in the blink of an eye.  It had just vanished from sight!

The location of the lookout, where the sighting had occurred, is 1 Surfside Avenue, Avalon.

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Report submitted by Brooke, via the sighting report form, on the 29 May 2017.  Addition information was provided by email on the 30 and 31 May 2017.

Sighting of Triangular Shaped UFO at Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia, on the 29 May 2017 at about 9.45 pm 

I was asleep in bed and heard a loud noise similar to a fighter jet going past.  I opened the window beside my bed and witnessed a massive UFO with multi-coloured lights, that were blue, green, red, yellow and other colours.  I watched the UFO through the window in my room for about five seconds.   

The UFO was estimated to be moving at 100 kilometres per hour.  It was about 100 metres off the ground and about 95 metres from me at its closest approach.  The length of the UFO, from front to back, was approximately 50 metres, its width was approximately ten metres, at the front and appeared to be wider towards the rear, as shown in the sketch below.

I then ran to the other side of the house, where I can see the bay, it was heading in that direction.  The UFO stopped at the bay, about one kilometre away and rotated so it was vertical to the ground.  It then turned 90 degrees and started to slowly move south.  The shape of the UFO was shaped like a long skinny trapezium.  The colour of the UFO appeared to be black, like dark metal.

The complete sighting occurred over a period of about 20 seconds, until it shot off south at a very fast pace, disappearing in a few seconds.

The weather conditions were, a clear sky with some thin clouds, bright moon and no wind.

Below is a sketch of the UFO that was drawn by the witness.

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Report submitted by Peter, via the guestbook, on the 25 May 2017.  Addition information was provided by email on the 29 May 2017.

Sighting of Triangular Shaped UFO from Somersby, NSW, Australia, on the 25 May 2017 at about 6.30 pm 

I am at the northern end of Somersby and I can see a triangular shaped object, with apex up and near stationary in the air.

The object is on a line to Norah Head, from where I am located and has been it this location for a while.  The object has what appears to be red and green lights at the apexes.  It appears to be moving up, down and sideways, irregularly, while in the same general position.  I estimate that it is about 1500 metres (5000 feet) from me and it has been about 45 minutes since I first noticed the object, it is now 7.20pm.  In my opinion the object is, at least, 30 kilometres from me.

I was able to view the object with binoculars.  It is not very big, possibly not as big as a small moon. 

Since I only have a mobile phone (camera) I was not able to capture a good quality image of the object.  

Report submitted by Rochelle, via the sighting report form, on the 27 May 2017.  Addition information was provided by email on the 30 May 2017, including a sketch.

Sighting of Elliptical Shaped UFO, North of Sydney, NSW, Australia, on the 23 May 2017 at about 5.30 pm

I was going by car, to the NRL game with my dad and I was looking at the aircraft in the sky.  We were driving south on the M1 highway about 40 kilometres north of Sydney.  This is when I saw a long skinny rugby league ball shaped UFO.  The UFO had what appeared to be two big headlights, like those on a car, the lights were side by side and in the centre of the UFO.  The colour of the light was white.

It came from the east and flew over the car quite quickly.  It then flew back towards the east over the tree line.  When I was about to lose sight of the UFO, two smaller white coloured lights, that were shaped like the others, flashed.  The UFO was flying low but not close to the tree lines and not as high as the aircraft.  I am not able give an estimation of the height of the UFO.  The UFO appeared to be less than a kilometre from me.

The sky was clear and it was not dark.

My dad didn’t see anything as he was concentrating on driving the car.  I’m confident that it was not a plane as the light pattern did not match and it was flying too low.  All the planes I was looking at were ascending or descending and flying in different direction to the UFO. 

I don’t think it was a blimp because the UFO was very fast and a blimp is relatively slow.

If there was any other UFO sightings on this date I would like to know.

Below is a sketch of the UFO that was drawn by the witness.

Download Document (PDF)

Report submitted by Leah, via the sighting report form, on the 11 May 2017.  Addition information was provided by email on the 14 May 2017.

Sighting of Spherical Shaped UFOs at Macmasters Beach, NSW, Australia, on the 9 May 2017 at 9 pm 

We went to the beach to look at the beautiful moon and enjoy the fresh air with our dog, we remarked that it was such a mild and lovely night.

We had just turned the ignition off in the car when all of a sudden we saw a bright coloured fast travelling sphere from the west.  The sphere was initially bright yellow, then it turned bright lime like green, then it went through a few small clouds, and then visible again before it disappeared.

It was coming from behind us and past the moon and looped up high and then downwards in a large curve, nose diving through a few small clouds and appeared to be diving downwards to the ocean.

The height of the sphere was estimated to be lower than an aircraft, possibly as close as what helicopters fly, or even closer.  It appeared to have a tail with fleeting sparks at the rear, that’s when it turned bright green from yellow.  I could not help but wonder if it was out of control.  The entire sighting, lasting for 10 to 15 seconds. 

The sphere must have been travelling fast, and appeared to be round.  It  was hard to judge the size of the sphere, due to its brief and fast movements, but appeared to be smaller than a light aeroplane.

My partner only saw the flashing light, as a tree trunk was in front of him.  I was in full view of this object flying overhead and looping downwards in a curve towards the ocean.  It was the strangest and unexplainable event I have witnessed.  I have witnessed other UFOs from a distance, moving fast as bright orange lights, but not this kind of thing.

We have no idea what it was, but it wasn’t a flying object that is familiar to me.

Because of the light changing to bright lime like green, I thought that it was a very large fireworks, but nothing like that, as it was a sphere, moving very fast and started out yellow and then turned to this green colour, all in the space of split second.

I would like to know if anyone else saw this thing, anywhere else on the central coast of NSW, on this night, or other nights, around this date.

Report submitted by David, via the sighting report form, on the 4 May 2017.

Sighting of Multiple UFOs at Giraween, NSW, Australia, on the 4 May 2017

Sighted multiple objects that looked like planes, but were moving too fast and had too many lights to be a plane.  There were six to seven objects flying in the same direction one after the other and looked like massive drones. 

I have a video of this and want to know if there were any routine practice flights tonight?

Report initially submitted by Tina, via the guestbook, on the 2 May 2017, with additional information submitted, via email, on the 3 May 2017.

Sighting of Black Triangle Shaped UFO at Cooma, NSW, Australia, on the 25 April 2017 at 4.35 am

I was cuddling my cat when I looked out the bedroom window to see a very large black triangular shaped object with a bright yellow/orange light at each apex of the triangle.  The object glided at a steady pace towards Berridale (I live in Cooma, NSW).   The lights were much larger than any star.  I saw a red and green light flash a couple off times.  There was no sound, even animal sounds, after a while the object was gone and the birds started chirping and dogs barking.

I looked up on the internet (and asked a friend who knows about military aircraft) for military/civilian aircraft lights, and nothing matched the object.  The red and green lights were in the wrong position for any landing/marking lights.  The sky was clear and this was no drone.  The yellow/orange lights were huge at least eight times larger than aeroplane lights.  I often look at the night sky and know it was not an aeroplane.

The apparent size of the object was slightly bigger and nearly 1.5 times a full moon.  The sighting duration was ten seconds, at around 20 to 25 degrees elevation.  The object was estimated to be five kilometres away.

I also had a feeling of peace when watching it and did not wish to look away.

Report initially submitted by Andrew, via the guestbook, on the 28 April 2017, with additional information submitted, via email, on the 1 May 2017.

Sighting of Boomerang Shaped UFO at Newcastle, NSW, Australia on the 23 April 2017 at approximately 9.45 pm 

It was a exceptionally clear night sky with no clouds.  I had just exited my car and noticed the amount of stars that were visible.  This was the only reason that made me look up into the sky.  I was just saying to myself what a wonderful view we have in Australia with so many stars.

I was panning my vision for a few seconds, when I noticed what seemed to be part of the sky was moving.  I realized that a dark object was moving across the sky and it blocked my view of the stars as it passed.  It seemed to be just gliding silently, at a steady slow speed. 

I was trying to analyse what I was seeing.  In a matter of a second my first thoughts were, ‘A huge bird, no bird is that big, a Terrordactyl, a hang glider; no one would hang glide at night.’  ‘What the f#@$ is that!,’ I said aloud.  All these thoughts went through my mind in a matter of a second.

It appeared to be about 20 to 30 metres above the ground and shaped like a boomerang or a airplane without the body.  It had very dim lights all along the leading edge, maybe eight or ten of them.  I was totally mesmerised by this object and had not seen anything like it.  There is no way it was a airplane as it was totally silent, and too large to be a plane.  No way it was a drone, as I have seen drones and they are not silent, when this close and they are not this big.  It was not a flock of birds as it was totally uniform and so perfectly smooth in its movement.

I guess the whole sighting was lasted between eight to ten seconds.  It drifted away and just vanished from view, not like it shot away or sped out of sight, just disappeared into the dark.

I turned to call out to my stepson who was inside but the door was shut, so I did not bother calling out.  It was amazing and baffling at the same time.  About a week later I timidly mentioned this to a local shop owner, to my surprise, and admittedly, a bit of relief she said, ‘Heaps of people saw it and it was on the news.’  I had not seen the news or heard anyone else mention this sighting.

I feel very lucky and privileged to have witnessed this sighting.  In UFO photos and videos, the objects appear to be far away.  This object appeared to be very close as its size was very big.  Strangely, it also felt very peaceful and calm (unlike the noise, commotion and power of a airplane).   I can’t explain why it appeared this way, it just did.

Report initially submitted by Mark, via the guestbook, on the 29 March 2017, with additional information submitted, on the 30 March 2017.

Sighting of V Shaped UFO at Gosford, NSW, Australia, on the 29 March 2017 at 10.40 pm 

Sitting on my balcony tonight (10.40 pm) witnessed a V shaped set of very dim pale yellow/gold coloured lights moving north to south in a straight line.  The lights appeared to be about 300 to 500 metres high, moving across my vision about five seconds.

I initially thought it was a flock of birds and the light from the street lights or houses was reflecting on the birds.  

The lights were in a V shape and each ‘wing’ was in a straight line, there was probably four to six lights on each line of the Vs.  I couldn’t make out any physical shape around the lights.  It was definitely not a flock of birds.  The lights and the path it took were very stable.

This was sighting very bizarre.

Report initially submitted by Sarah, via the website report form, on the 9 March 2017.

Sighting of Orange Sphere Shaped UFO over the Hawkesbury River at Mooney Mooney, NSW, Australia, on 8 March 2017 at 6 am

I was on the train to Sydney, when I gazed out the window that faced towards the Mooney Money Bridge.  It was dark and overcast and rain started to hit the left side (Pacific Ocean side) of the train, so most people looked out to the left at the rain.

Something caught my attention on the right hand side of the train looking towards the Mooney Mooney Bridge (not the bridge its self, in that direction).  In the sky I saw an orange light, at first, I ignored the light.  I looked to the left to see if it was a reflection of nearby Hawkesbury, and no light resembled it so I looked back toward the right.

The object was orange like in colour (like a streetlight) and round like a perfect sphere.  It then started morphing into, like a jelly rounded object, less perfect and changed colours to reddish then back to the orange sphere and then shot off so quick west toward Singletons Mill.  This happened in the space of about 45 to 60 seconds.  I know what I witnessed was not road lights, this was too high.

Side note, this made me want to look at it, this is going to sound crazy but you know the feeling someone is watching you and you look up/at them and you see they are in fact watching you? Same feeling.

Download Document (PDF)

Sketch by witness with map showing sighting location.

Report submitted to Mariana Flynn, by telephone, on the 6 March 2017

Sighting of Disc Shaped UFO from Qantas Airlines Flight QF628 over the Goulburn Valley, Victoria, Australia on 13 February 2017 at 5.30 pm

The aircraft was over the Goulburn Valley, Victoria at around 5.30 pm when the captain announced we had reached 35,000 feet (10,700 metres) altitude.   This was a Melbourne to Brisbane, Qantas Airlines flight QF628 that departed Melbourne at about 5.10 pm.

Out of the window I saw, at some distance below the aircraft, a dull grey metallic disc-shaped object, flying in a south or south western direction.  The object appeared to be flying parallel to the aircraft.

I watched the object for about a minute and a half and then lost sight of it.

Report initially submitted by Pete, via the website guestbook on the 28 February 2017, with additional information provided by email, on the 3 March 2017.

Sighting of Disc Shaped UFO at Dee Why Beach, NSW, Australia, on 16 February 2017 at 5.30 pm

It was late in the afternoon and I was down near the beach with my daughter who is two years old.  We walked along past the pool and she started to play on the rocks near the foot path.  I’m a smoker so I thought here is my chance to step away from her a couple of metres so I could have a cigarette.

As I was smoking the cigarette I was looking at the sky and the sea.  Out of nowhere a UFO appeared, it was low and the clouds were low.  The UFO was glowing an orange colour and was shaped like a fat saucer.  The UFO appeared to resonate in this orange colour, a bit like a hologram as it moved through the cloud.  The cloud showed an orange glow like reflection that was similar to the shape of the UFO.  When the UFO came out of the cloud again, into the open sky, it was still resonating in this orange colour.  The weather conditions were clear sky with a few scattered clouds.  The UFO was silent.

The sighting lasted a few seconds and then it was gone, I don’t mean it flew off, it just disappeared.  The shape of it was like a saucer but fatter and around the edges.  The UFO appeared blurred, like it was pulsing out of focus.

I could not explain what the UFO was doing, it was large and I could see it very clearly for a few seconds.

Report initially submitted by Chris, via the website guestbook on the 14 February 2017, with additional information provided by email, on the 16 February 2017.

Sighting of Triangular Shaped UFO at Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia on 13 February 2017 at 4.10 am

In the early morning I woke from sleep and lay in bed looking out the sliding door beside my bed.  While viewing the night sky and listening to the waves, I noticed a triangle shape rotating horizontally, in a clockwise direction, at walking pace, as if it was slowly turning.  I could only see one apex of the object from my room, since it appeared to be over the roof.  It could have flown over or near Maroochydore airport.

The object was about 60 metres above my roof and moving at ten or twenty kilometres per hour.  The object was black and appeared to absorb light and had no visible lights.

The weather was slightly hazy and cloudy.

I jumped out of bed and quickly got outside to get a better view, but the object was gone with no sound.  I could feel an energy or vibration in the air.  It felt as though the object knew I had seen it and therefore taken evasive action.  I did not see the direction that the object departed and can only assume to the south or south westerly direction.

There was a clear 180 degree view of the ocean from the north to the south.  I did not see it go in that direction.  The view from rear of the house is blocked by houses and a hill.

I have been feeling lethargic and have aches and pains in my joints since this sighting.  I don’t know if this is related, but these symptoms are subsiding.

There is no photographic or video evidence of the sighting.

Has there been other reports of this object in this area?

Schematic provided by witness showing the object’s apex, as viewed from the bed.

Editor’s comments:  We are unaware of any similar reports in this area.  It is inconceivable that similar advanced military ( for example, the Lockheed Martin SR-91 Aurora) man-made aircraft, if indeed they exist, would be piloted and tested over built-up areas in Australia or any other country.

Report submitted by Christina, via the website guestbook, on the 10 March 2017.

Sighting of Black UFO over Ocean near Newcastle, NSW, Australia, on the 12 February 2017

I’m sorry it has taken me a few weeks to post this but I didn’t know what to do with the information.  It has been bothering me and I wondered if anyone else saw this object.  As such I had to go back on my calendar, it was either the 11 or 12 of February 2017 (more likely Sunday the 12).

We live fairly high up and look out over the ocean.  I was watching TV in the middle of the day.  I have windows all along the wall behind the TV facing the ocean.  Suddenly, I saw a black odd shaped object moving quickly from the left to right (north NSW, travelling south towards Newcastle).  It was so strange, my initial impression was it was a black garbage bag blowing in the wind.  I guess because your mind tries to explain something that you only glimpse for split-second, finding something familiar.  It was so strange the way it came across that I got up and walked onto the balcony.

There was no noise coming from the object.  I watched it and it had moved off to the right and stopped moving and was hovering.  I was trying to understand what it was which is why I mention there was no noise, it was hovering like a helicopter.  I was transfixed by it, then it reversed direction and travelled back across the way it had come but further out over the water.  Sometimes it was moving slow, sometimes fast, sometimes a straight line and sometimes it kind of looped around.  It eventually climbed really fast straight up then hovered for awhile now quite a distance offshore.

I was trying to keep watching it when my husband interrupted me, I turned for about three seconds and when I turned back it had vanished.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, could disappear from the skyline in that amount of time. 

I have lived near airports my whole life and are quite familiar with aircraft due to my previous job.  I have never seen anything behave like this object.

As I watched my neighbour was outside doing yard work with his back to the object.  Because the object was completely silent it did not catch his attention and I was speechless so I couldn’t call out to him to look.  I thought this bizarre object has just gone by this man and because it was silent he didn’t notice it.

I thought it would be made mention of in the newspaper or local news but I have heard nothing.  It has been bothering me ever since and I found this guestbook.  I was hoping another person near the coast had seen this object.

The only thing I would add is that observing this object and straining to see clearly, what I initially took for a black garbage bag had a black underside, that for the life of me, I cannot find the words to describe.  The object appeared to be more rectangular and the top, which I could see while it was hovering, appeared smaller, shiny silver in colour and circular.  The object moved with purpose and made movements that were extraordinarily fast.  This object was not a balloon, drone or plane.

I take heart in reading that it’s not just me, other people are witnessing UFOs up and down the east coast of Australia.

Report submitted by Brooke, via the website report form, on the 19 March 2017, with additional information provided by email on the 20 and 23 May 2017.

Sighting of Circular Formation of Lights at Bulahdelah, NSW, Australia, on the 1 January 2017 at 4.15 am

My partner and I woke up at around 4:15 am and we were sleeping in a caravan. 

We had to go outside to use the toilet and as I looked at the clouds they were lighting up sporadically.  The lighting appeared different to lightning, it was like a light jumping from one section of the cloud to another, directly above me.  It is hard to explain but I had not seen anything like it and that was the first bizarre thing I noticed.  

Then three huge beams of lights, in the distance, appeared to come out of the ground beyond the horizon/trees.  We were in the country and I knew that there were no houses in that direction.  The beams switched off after about 20 to 30 seconds and appeared to be the same width along their entire length.  I initially thought that something was on the ground, shooting the beams into the sky, but could be wrong due to the cloud cover.  The light beams were extremely bright.  

Then approximately 20 to 30 metres above us appeared a circular formation of orange lights that were spinning, this lasted about 30 seconds.  The relative size of the formation was two to three times the size of the moon.  The formation was behind some light clouds so the view was slightly blurred, but I’m 100 percent certain it looked like a UFO.  The formation of lights disappeared and the beams appeared again and then once more.  There was no sound emitted during the observation.

The complete sighting lasted for three to four minutes.

I went to get my phone to film the object but as soon as I switched the phone on it had disappeared.

Circular Formation of Lights

The above image was not taken by me, however it is extremely similar to what I witnessed.  The lights were an orange colour, not white as in this image.  The ‘object’ and lights we witnessed appeared to be ‘spinning’, which may have been an optical illusion caused by the lights.

A similar report that occurred on the 24 May 2014 on the south coast of NSW, can be viewed here