UFO Sightings and Related Events (1969-1979)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

Report submitted by Geoff T, via email on the 15 February 2017.

Sighting of Bright Light Near Lithgow, NSW, Australia During the 1970s

My name is Geoff.  I would like to share a sighting with you that myself and a friend witnessed.  This was in the 1970’s, I went bush walking with a friend named Steve.  

On one occasion we decided to walk the Newnes to Glen Davis pipeline track near Lithgow that follows the route that an oil pipeline had taken.  This pipeline was part of a shale oil factory built during World War two to help supply the troops with oil.  Its lonely remains make up what is known as the Glen Davis ghost town.  We very quickly picked up on the atmosphere of the place, which is very creepy.  I can guarantee that anyone spending the night there will be totally freaked out.

I had completely forgotten about this place until I happened upon a story on the net about a rock band that went there to film amongst the ruins.  On getting the photos processed they notice in the background a figure staring at them from behind one of the old concrete columns that from the frame of the old factory.  The have said it looked like a ghost of one of the factory workers who perished whilst working there, however, I’ve got another theory.

When we got the camp fire going I wandered off into the dark only about twenty metres from the fire and gazed up at the most amazing starry night I’ve ever seen.  It was just such a special place where there was no other lights in what was then a totally deserted wide valley.  You can see many stars and the sky appears white, taking precedence over the black.  It was then that something startled me.  On the south side of the valley runs a line of cliffs stretching off into the distance.  On one of these cliffs a bright light appeared.  I knew there was absolutely nothing up there, not even fire trails.  The light started to get brighter and brighter, then to my amazement the light took of and accelerated vertically into the night sky at a staggering speed.  The acceleration was almost within the blink of an eye, straight up. 

I’m thinking these ghosts could be aliens and it would be a very good place to hide a UFO.  If anyone decides to go up there I would love some feedback.

UFO Encounter Near Mount Tibrogargan, Queensland, Australia, During 1979

My wife and myself were driving home from Caloundra in about the spring of 1979.  My vehicle was a little 4WD Suzuki, two stroke.  We were travelling along the old road as the new road and bypass weren’t finished.  It was about 8pm, there was no traffic either behind or approaching, that’s how quiet it was in those days.  We were driving past Mt Tibrogargan (Queensland, Australia – the mountain looks like a Gorilla) when a very loud noise like a giant child’s spinning top came on the top of our car.

The motor cut out but the headlights stayed on.  I pulled into the side of the road and the car was illuminated with only a slight orange glow.  The humming (which was quite deafening) moved away rapidly.  We were both in shock, however, I turned the ignition switch and the car immediately sprang to life.  As we prepared to move off, there was a repeat performance, only even louder.  Within seconds, the humming moved off although we heard it for several seconds after that as it faded away.

We then drove home to Ipswich without any further problem but we were both very scared and upset.

The following was added after subsequent contact with the witness, ‘At no stage during this incident was I able to sight the origin of the noise or light, and as far as I am aware, no missing time had been experienced.’

Report submitted by John Grose in letter, dated 14 November 2016.

Sighting of Faceted UFO at West Prestons, Victoria, Australia During July/August 1977 at Approximately 4 pm

John reported the sighting of a faceted UFO in the sky above West Prestons in 1977 at about 4 pm.  The object had a metallic appearance and reflected the afternoon sunlight off its surfaces, as it rotated in the sky.

John contacted Melbourne Airport and was told that nothing unusual had been detected on radar at the time of the sighting.  After years of research, John found a similar sighting reference in the book titled, The Complete Book of UFOs, by Jenny Randles and Peter, Chapter 12 p. 155.

John’s sketch and report follows:

Download Document (PDF)

Download Document (PDF)

Download Document (PDF)

Report initially submitted by R, via email on the 21 January 2017, with additional information, including a sketch, provided by email on the 31 January 2017.

Sighting of Spinning Top Like UFO at Bundaberg Base Hospital, Bundaberg West, Queensland, Australia, During 1976

During the early hours of the morning, just after midnight, I took my mother and nephew to the Emergency Department of the Bundaberg Base Hospital.  I then sat in the car at the hospital and waited for them to return.  It was definitely 1976 and for some reason I have always recalled it was during the winter.

The car was parked and I was sitting in the drivers seat with the car window open.  There was no radio in the car.  While in the car I heard a faint whirring noise and looked out the window.  I saw what can only be described as very like a spinning top shaped object.  It was spinning on the spot, a few metres above me at the two o’clock position.  There appeared to be small lights at the objects equator, the spinning appeared to cause the lights to twinkle, like they were turning off and on.  I assume this was because the lights were spaced around the equator.  I looked away and rubbed my eyes, it was still there, as if watching me, watch it.  The object was not large, probably the size of a helicopter cabin.  The object then spun in a curve going up and over the water tower across the road.  The object then shot off at very fast speed, disappearing in seconds into the night sky.  The object’s colour was silver and it gave me the impression it was made of a light material.

After that night I felt a tiny bit smarter, like a knowing of some sort; an instinct maybe, its hard to describe.  I did not feel scared or threatened at the time, but was very shocked by the encounter. 

I told my mother, and many years later, other people.  Lots of people have had UFO sightings, usually a large round bright object moving across the sky.  Two transformers stopped working in a Telstra shed near Mackay in the 1990’s, and car engines also stopped, etc.

I was not drugged or drunk during the encounter and reiterate that the object was the shape of a 1960’s toy spinning top, silver in colour with little lights around its widest, middle section.  They were not large lights and not overly bright.

Mystery craters were discovered in 1971, on a property at Kolan, that is near Bundaberg.  The craters are now as a tourist attraction. 

The large round objects seen by others near Mackay years later often hung around the mines in the area.  I am fascinated by what it all means as there is something going on.

I recall that the Australian Defence Signals Directorate had something on their defence radar system in the mid 1980’s.  This was explained as possibly being a drug running plane, flying low across the north of Australia.  I am certain that the government knows more than it is saying.

Spinning Top UFO Sighting During 1976 at Bundaburg Base Hospital
Sketch by witness showing the flight path of the object.


Sighting of UFO Disc Over Campbell Junior High School, Canberra, ACT, Australia, During 1975

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Occupation: Software Engineer

Qualifications: BSc Physics/Chemistry/Applied Maths ANU, BE (Chemical) UNSW

Sighting Year: 1975

Sighting Time: 1.00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Sighting Duration: 10 min

Observation: I was attending the Campbell Junior High School in 1975.  The date is correct as I went to the Canberra Grammar School in 1976.  Myself and probably a hundred or so of my school mates were playing in the school grounds in the early afternoon during the lunch break.  I was not the first person to see this object, it was a small silver disk like vehicle that was moving at high speed upwards away from us.  Although it was a small object it was definitely recognisable as the classic UFO space craft.  I was larger than a simple disk as I seemed to be able to perceive nozzles in the middle of the craft that looked like they could have been for lights. 

This may all sound rather outrageous but I swear it is true.  Afterward I did not hear of anything in the papers or on the news at the time and really I don’t think people spoke about it at school in subsequent days.  My memory was sparked recently when I read parts of a book that as been recently released in UFOs that states that there was a lot of UFO activity in the early to mid 1970s.  I was wondering if this sighting was reported at the time and perhaps you have some record of it.  It was possibly in the spring or summer.

Location: Campbell Junior High School, I was in the 5th class

Other Witnesses: I will have to check with school friends

Apparent Size: 20 to 50 metres and disk shape

Altitude: Jet fighter height

Object Origin: Not sure

Object Destination: Up

Moon Visible: No

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Sky: Cloudy

Weather Comments: Slight cloud

Viewing Aids: No

Effects Physical: No

Effects Psychological: No

Effects Other: No

Effects Other Witnesses: No

Other Experiences: No

The initial report submitted by Christine , via the sighting report form, on the previous website. Christine contacted us again, via email, on the 29 April 2018 with additional information on this report.

Close Encounter with Disc Shaped UFO and Car at Quakers Hill, NSW Australia, in 1974

Occupation: Customer Service Officer

Qualifications: 14 years experience in the Banking Industry

Sighting Month: Unsure

Sighting Year: 1974

Sighting Time: 12.30 am

Sighting Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Observation: My sister and myself were driving along Hamilton Road, Quakers Hill, NSW, Australia when the car I was driving suddenly shook violently then completely stopped, nothing worked, not even the radio, the motor just stopped.  I was scared something was really wrong with the car.  I started to get out of the car to get my to babies out of the back seat when something made me look up.  That’s when I observed this massive circular disc shaped object, it didn’t seem to be much higher than the power pole.  It was surrounded completely by lights and had a dome in the middle on the top.  We watched it slowly move over the dairy adjacent to the road, there was no sound then it seemed to stop then shoot up into the air.  I was actually standing under this thing, it was a gun metal grey in colour and the size of half a football field.  Once the object shot up in the air my car started again with no problems.

Description: Solid shape round with a dome on the top of it.  Someone from another part of NSW reported at the time to a newspaper and sketched exactly what we saw.  There was several sightings that night.

Location: Quakers Hill, NSW Australia

Other Witnesses: My sister

Actual Size: Half the size of a football field

Altitude: Not much higher than the power poles

Object Origin: Over the landscape

Object Destination: Straight up, one minute it was there then it had gone up in the sky

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Pleasant

Viewing Aids: No

Effects Physical: No

Effects Psychological: No

Effects Other: No

Other Witnesses: No

Other Experiences: No


Sketch of the saucer, that was drawn by the witness.

The following information on this sighting was provided, in an email, by Christine on the 29 April 2018.

Hi, I am the person with my sister who witnessed a UFO in 1974 at Quakers Hill.  I follow the UFO sightings on this website, but to date I feel that we have been the only people that have been so close to a UFO.  My sister and myself where actually under the UFO as it passed over us on Hamilton Road, Quakers Hill, NSW, Australia.  I still remember this as if it was yesterday, when my car started to shake violently and then the car stopped, in the middle of the road. 

We went to get the babies out of the back of the car and I heard a humming sound and looked up.  I could see a disc shaped object that was slowly moving over us towards the dairy.  I watched in amazement at this disc, at a height just above the power poles on the side of the road.  I could see lights around the dome, alternating in different colours giving the appearance of rotation.  I was trying to see inside the object through the oval shaped windows that were illuminated by pure white light.  The surface of the disc had the appearance of being like a matt gun metal or oxidised metal, not smooth and reflective.   It slowly moved to the dairy and stopped, then shot up into the air in speed that we have never seen before.  The sighting lasted for about a minute. 

When the UFO had gone we started to driving again and passed another car.  We later discovered that the person in the other car had also sent in his account of the sighting, after seeing our car stopped in the middle of the road and the UFO slowly going over our car.  The following morning I recall drawing the UFO and showing it to my husband.  He showed me a photo in the paper of a farmer in Cowra or Nowra, not sure now, who drew the exact same sketch of the UFO, which was near identical to my encounter.  This report also mentioned that this car had malfunctioned due to the proximity of the UFO.  When it moved away his car started functioning again, like in our encounter.

I feel blessed to have witnessed this UFO, once in my life.  I just shrug my shoulders at the non-believers.  My current husband said, ‘They were not here to hurt us and I know they will be back!’

I watched a documentary on Netflix called, UFO Australia last night, this bought back memories of my UFO sighting.  I thought I would drop you a line to let you know of our experience which you can read on the archives, for the 1974 UFO sighting in Quakers Hill with my sketch of the UFO.

Editor’s comment: We are most grateful for Christine re-contacting us, years later, about her close encounter with a classic ‘Flying Saucer’, in 1974.  We have no doubt that she and her sister witnessed something that is not a product of our current technology.  Relatively rare close encounter reports like this add the body of evidence that helps support the hypothesis, that Earth is and has been, visited by airborne machines that are likely to be from elsewhere, possibly within our universe.  It is obvious that these aerofoils are under a form of sentient control, possibly, a machine (artificial intelligence), an organism, or both.  We live in hope that this mystery will be solved one day.  I have spoken to Christine about this sighting, since she kindly provided her mobile phone number.

Report submitted: 26 August 2015

Close Encounter with UFO Near Olary, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia, in Early 1970s

Sighting Location: Near Olary, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.
Sighting date: Early 1970’s, about 1971 or 1972.

I am a former Seaman in the Navy, and have worked with radar and are accustomed to helicopters and similar craft.  Back then the last thing I expected to see was a UFO while driving near Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.  I was driving a VW Kombi van and there was a bed in the back on which a hitchhiker lay sleeping when the event occurred.  I had picked up two hitchhikers near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, for company and had dropped one of at Port Pirie.

While driving at night I saw a red light in the sky, looking like a star.  Then suddenly the red-orange light was right over the van, about 15 metres above.  The light enveloped the van and there was no sound coming from the object.  The van’s engine had stopped by itself when the light approached.  I sensed danger and was concerned for the hitchhiker so I grabbed my two rifles and dragged the hitchhiker out of the van, into the Spinifex grass outside.  The hitchhiker could not be woken, and this alarmed me.  I could not identify the light/object, only being able to view a dull red light above us.

In fear, I shot at the red light with one of the firearms and then everything went blank.  What was strange is that the two of us made breakfast the next morning and drove on as if nothing had happened.  We did not speak about the incident again.  Later I dropped the hitchhiker off in Sydney and that was the last time I saw him.

I often wonder if something else happened that night because I’m mystified at how everything went blank.  I have no idea how we got back to the van or why we did not speak about the incident the next day.