UFO Sightings and Related Events (2016)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

Report initially submitted via telephone to Mariana Flynn on the 21 December 2016, with additional information provided by telephone on the 23 December 2016.

Various Close Encounters Reported in Central Australia

An Aboriginal man rang from the Simpson Desert, Australia, where he walks his camels and horses, as he has done for 50 years.  The man is aged 70.  About six years ago, he was driving 100 kilometres east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia with his family when their car broke down and they had to walk 20 kilometres to their community.  As they were walking, they saw an enormous cigar shaped object ‘anchored’ next to a nearby hill.  It was about 5 kilometres away and appeared to be translucent, except at the edges.  When the sun hit the object around 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon, it became clearer.  He guessed it to be 100 metres long and about 20 or 30 metres high.  He said Aboriginal people see a lot of strange things in the desert but they prefer not to talk about it in case other people think they are mad.

A few years ago, while walking in the desert near a hill, he saw something shiny coming up out of the sand.  It seemed to be made of stainless steel and had a sharp point.  He went closer to take a look and decided to dig it up.  He dug about a metre down and exposed this object.  It had strange writing on it and he could not damage it even when he banged it with a rock or tried to scratch it.  He’d never seen anything like it.  It was late afternoon and, having examined it, he just left it there because that is what Aboriginal people do, he said.

He also explained that there are certain areas where strange magnetic anomalies occur and these places are also where Aboriginal sacred sites are located.  He said it appeared as if the area is wobbling but it is hard to describe.  He finds his hair standing on end and his watch spinning. One of his jobs is to check on sacred sites, Aboriginal carvings and rock paintings, so he has seen a lot of this sort of thing over the years.

In the past, he has also seen a round, shiny, silver craft with two rows of rotating lights flashing, each row rotating in the opposite direction, this scared him. 

As a child, he often found himself floating above his house.  His friends saw him like that too.  He wasn’t happy about it and left his family at age 13.  In the 1960s, he came to the Northern Territory and started working with camels and horses.

He said he was kicked by a horse once and broke his back.  He had two titanium rods put into his spine and also had severe injuries to his leg.  However, since the sighting of the cigar shaped craft, or perhaps before, he felt himself become stronger and today he is very fit and healthy.  He can walk for miles.  He wonders if ‘someone’ healed him.

He spoke about a number of abduction experiences.  He is often alone in the desert with his animals.  One time he was cooking his dinner next to a spring when three beings approached him and asked him to go with them, speaking telepathically.  He declined saying he was hungry and wanted to eat.  So he invited them to join him and they came and sat down beside his fire.  He said they looked human but were slightly translucent (like the craft).  Their eyes were larger and slanted like Asians’ eyes and their mouths were smaller than a humans, they did not eat.  They didn’t appear to be wearing clothes and they were friendly.  He was not afraid.  They appeared slightly familiar to him, but he could not remember where he had seen them before.

He often camped in the desert with his swag at night and he would wake up in the morning with his pillow soaked in blood.  The blood had come from his nose, this has happened to him a number of times.  One time he woke up and he was 200 kilometres from his camp site and his animals were with him.  He does not know how he was moved to that location and he was then forced to walk back.  He mentioned that he has seen different extra-terrestrials in other areas but he did not describe them, just that they looked different.  He said his community could tell me lots of stories about what they had seen.  Some UFOs come down so low, they cause a wind and the animals and people are scared.

After one of his experiences, he awoke with lines on his hand and a cut on the side of his hand.  He had no recollection of what had happened to him.  He said he could tell me many more stories of his experiences and sightings.

Report initially submitted by M via the website form on the 19 December 2016, with additional information provided by email on 20 December 2016.

Sighting of Boomerang Shaped UFO at Walgett, NSW, Australia on 18 December 2016 at 10.30 pm

I went outside to close the gate for the night and looked up at the night sky when I noticed an unusual faint light which didn’t look like a group of stars.  This grey/black object was moving from the south west, heading north at an elevation of 120 degrees.  The apparent angular size of the object was two to three moon diameters.  There was no change in speed and it was gracefully moving through the sky.  It seemed to be tilted on a 45 degree angle, and I could clearly see a boomerang shape that was covered evenly with lights, no light was brighter than the other.  The grey-bluish white, near translucent lights looked ‘ghostly’, and where bigger than a normal star light.  From the time I spotted the object you could count from one to ten minimum as it went from horizon to horizon (south to north).  I told my partner about my experience that night.  The next day I drew a sketch of the object (see below).  My partner found a similar report on this website, that occurred this year (see the 4 February 2016 report below), with a painting of what was witnessed in Collarenebri, NSW, Australia, that is 76 km from where we live.  The object we witnessed appeared to be the same object.

Boomerang UFO Sighting 18 December 2016
Sketch showing object, with domestic jet aircraft inserted as a relative size comparison.

Report submitted via the website form by Jamie on the 28 October 2016.

Sighting of UFO Circling Aircraft at Maryborough, Queensland, Australia on 28 October 2016 at 11.15 am

While watching a jet aircraft I noticed, out of nowhere, an object zooming in on the jet aircraft.  The object circled the jet, from top to bottom and then looped around the length of the fuselage.  The object then followed the jet for approximately 20 seconds and after this it departed.

The object had a metallic appearance that reflected the sun as it moved around, so at times no glint or reflection.

The jet was moving in a north directly over Maryborough, in what looked like an approach to perhaps Hervey Bay Airport.

The motion of this object was like a fly zooming around and turning with no loss of speed, and the looping motion was like a yo-yo on a string.  This was incredible.

This is not the first time I’ve seen something of this nature, but this time it was so blatant that I had to contact someone who I thought may find this interesting, to say the least.

Report submitted through website form by Tracy on the 19 October 2016.

Sighting of Cigar Shaped UFO at Kariong, NSW, Australia on 19 October 2016 at 8.50 am

While driving down Black Wall Road in Woy Woy, I was stopped at the traffic lights.  I then saw a long sleek cigar shaped UFO.   Its size was approximately twice the length of a Boeing 747. 

It hovered for about five minutes then I lost sight of it in the clouds.  I arrived home at Woy Woy and immediately walked around my street trying to locate the object, without success.

Report submitted through website form by Pat on the 5 July 2016, with additional information provided by email on 20 September 2016.

Sighting of String of Lights over Rural South West NSW During a Flight from Canberra to Adelaide, Australia on 5 July 2016, Between 6.30 pm and 7 pm.

During the flight, I looked out the window after eating dinner.  I was on the right side of the aircraft and looking North when I noticed a very long string of lights, similar to the side of a long rectangle.  The lights extended to the front of the ‘rectangle’.

I thought this was a reflection of something in the plane, but that was not the case.  The object flew in uniformity, much faster than the Boeing 737-800 which I was flying on.  It moved quickly so it was not possible to take a photograph.  It did not change altitude, but seemed to be moving as if at cruising altitude.  It was not a formation of planes flying in sequence, as the object flew as one unified ‘unit’, the lights maintaining their respective positions on the object.  I looked around my immediate area and no one I saw appeared to notice the object.

The lights were white/yellow in colour (white-LED type lights) and no flashing whatsoever was observed, and no other colour lights observed.  The object itself was dark and could not be seen.  I looked up and down the plane aisles to see if anyone else had noticed this as I was quite shocked.

The estimated length of the object was 120 to 240 metres with a width of 70 to 140 metres.  The relative size, assuming holding arms stretched out in front was approximately 45 centimetres across.   The object was estimated to be 40-60 km from aircraft at a height 13 kilometres.  The plane was ten kilometres high.

I have never had any other sightings, that was my first.  I have always had an interest in UFOs and related phenomena, but this interest was much stronger after the sighting.

Report submitted through website form by Dallas on the 9 May 2016.

Sighting of White Light at 7.15 pm on Friday 6 May 2016 at Queenstown, South Australia

Reporting a sighting that occurred on Friday 6 May 2016 at 7. 15 pm.  I was on our deck in Queenstown, South Australia, looking east south east, when a very bright pulsating white and red light appeared.  The light dropped vertically through the clouds at a high speed, stopped, hovered, dropped vertically again, hovered, dropped again and then disappeared.  Our fence and distant trees then blocked our view.

Did anyone else report this light, it was very bright/large with no sound?  It dropped like a plumb line with no horizontal movement.

We have had about six other sightings over the 16 years we have lived here.

Report submitted through website form by Lauren on 21 August 2016.

Sighting of Metallic Sphere over Sydney, Australia CBD at 11.30 am on 21 August 2016

I saw a black, metallic looking, spherical UFO hovering over Sydney, CBD for about 10 minutes.

The object had a spherical body and a band of flashing white lights around the middle.  The lights were going around the object in a circle.  After hovering for a while the object disappeared in a flash of light.  The object then reappeared, then disappeared, as if it had cloaked itself.  It disappeared and reappeared several times before vanishing completely.

Report submitted by telephone in late June 2016.

Sighting of Orange Light at Booker Bay, NSW, Australia at 11.10 pm on 5 June 2016

On a stormy Sunday night Peter observed a large orange light at 11.10 pm, that was estimated it to be 1.5 kilometres high.

From this object 12 smaller white lights appeared and rotated around the larger object, in a clock-wise direction, for 25 minutes.  Then these smaller lights re-entered the larger, orange object.  The arc formed by the smaller objects could have been around 5 kilometres.   The large object remained motionless for another seven minutes before disappearing into the clouds.  The sighting was at an elevation of 45 degrees and located north of his position.  He photographed the objects but they were too faint to see in the image.  The entire sighting lasted for about 40 minutes.

Report initially submitted: 21 February 2016 (with additional information provided up to 14 March 2016)

Sighting of Boomerang Shaped UFO at Collarenebri, NSW, Australia at 9 pm on 4 February 2016

My Uncle and I were on a road trip to the outback of NSW to paint on a property just to the North of Broken Hill, NSW Australia.  We had driven from Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland and had decided to camp for the night at the football oval camping area near the Barwon River at Collarenebri NSW.  The football oval is on the opposite side of the Barwon River to the township of Collarenebri.

At about 9 pm we had retired for the evening, my Uncle was sleeping in the rooftop tent on my 2005 Hyundai Terracan, 4WD vehicle and I was sleeping on a mattress inside the rear of the vehicle, with the windows and rear door open and covered in fly-screen, my head towards the front of the vehicle.

I was laying down and looking at the stars to the North East, when I saw a thin, light blue and grey smoky coloured object appear, about 20 metres above the treetops.  I think it would have been about the size of the full moon, with the foggy part extending each side, to make it appear bigger.  The object could have risen from the ground, when I first noticed the object it was above the trees a couple of hundred metres to the North East of my position.

The object rose in the night sky and moved closer towards our position.  It appeared to be a flock of Corellas at first, as I had mistaken the movement of the lights to be white wings of birds.  As it came closer I could see that it resembled a Boomerang shape and had multiple revolving white lights on its underside.

As the object got closer, and higher in the sky, I could see that it was a translucent, cloudy, fog like, and boomerang shaped, with multiple white revolving lights underneath, about as bright as stars.  No noise was heard when this object moved overhead about 30 metres above the treetops.  I pushed my head out of the flyscreen which was covering the gap of the open, rear, passenger side window and I watched it go over the top of the vehicle until I could no longer see it.

The lights on the underside were about as bright as stars in the Milky Way, which were surrounding it, maybe that is why I say that it appeared translucent because the intensity of those lights were not dissimilar to the stars.

The object was about 30 metres across and about 8 to 10 metres thick in the middle of the Boomerang V shape.  It moved very quickly and smoothly, I observed the object for about five seconds while it silently and quickly headed in a Westerly direction.  It appeared to accelerate and kept accelerating as I was watching it, over a period of about five seconds from the time I first saw it.  I could definitely see the underside at this point in time, which was covered in about 20 revolving white lights, which were brighter in the middle.  I could see that it was a Boomerang shape and it was translucent, in that I could see through it, although it had lost its cloudiness by this time.

The area where the sighting occurred was completely dark, the lights of the toilet block were not on and we were some distance from town.  I wear glasses for reading and was not wearing them during the sighting.

There had been a shower earlier in the afternoon, but at the time of this sighting, there were no clouds in my field of vision, the wind was a slight breeze coming from the West.

The next day, before first light, my Uncle and I were awake and up, it was the first opportunity I had to tell anybody about what I had seen the previous evening, so I told my Uncle this exact account. Also, when we arrived in Broken Hill later on the 5 February 2016, I again told this exact account to my friend.

Personally, I was an agnostic towards the existence of these types of objects, but am now convinced that there are other intelligent life forms in this Universe.  Whatever or whoever was responsible for building and operating this ‘craft’; is not terrestrial, as it was not something we humans are capable of manufacturing at the present time.

I have painted three views of the object as shown in the single image below:

  • When it first appeared as a thin foggy line, which was a bluish-grey in the middle
  • When I thought it was a flock of Corellas (birds), then realised it had lights underneath which were rotating, and
  • Finally when overhead and I could clearly see that there was multiple, rotating white lights, underneath, and that the object appeared to be translucent


Editor’s comments: There have been many similar reports, world-wide of Boomerang shaped craft, particularly observed at night.  The reports commonly describe the objects illuminated with lights on the underside, that resemble a typical field of stars as viewed from the ground.  I cannot dismiss the possibility that the lights and pattern are deliberately designed to camouflage the object, and this may account for the perception by a witness, of a solid object, appearing to be translucent when viewed from the ground at night.  The motion of the object viewed from the ground, may only be perceived by the relative movement of the underside lights that are superimposed on the background star field.

It is inconceivable that similar advanced (military) man-made ‘craft’, if indeed they existed, would be piloted over built-up areas in Australia or any other country.