UFO Sightings and Related Events (2002-2011)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

Sighting of UFO at Bangor, NSW, Australia on 8 December 2005

Sighting Date: 8 December 2005 at 10:10 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Sighting Duration: Five seconds approximately

Observation: I was driving home after picking my daughter up from work at 10:00pm.  We were casually talking in the car and she asked me to drive slowly down the road to watch out for any animals that cross. As we turned into Bangaroo Street, Bangor (NSW, Australia) and started driving down the hill, we saw a very bright ball of light coming down from the sky on our left at an angle, it then flew upwards and crossed in front of us before swooping downwards and shooting back up into the sky at an extremely fast speed, then suddenly disappearing into thin air.

Description: It did a big fast swoop before taking off

Location: Top of Bangaroo St, nearest to Billa Rd, Bangor (NSW, Australia)

Other Witnesses: My daughter

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: Medium in size I’m guessing

Altitude: About the height at which flocks of birds usually travel

Object Origin: North

Object Destination: South-East

Moon Visible: Yes there was a half-moon and average brightness

Moon Size Comparison: A little bit smaller than the moon

Planets Visible: Yes there were heaps of tiny stars out that night

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Wind: Breezy

Sighting of Metallic Sphere near Middleton, South Australia on 1 July 2005

Sighting Date: 1 July 2005 at 1:30 am (Eastern Standard Time)

Sighting Duration: Five seconds

Observation: I was driving back from Adelaide (South Australia) and I was on the straight on the Middleton to Goolwa Road about 100 metres in front of me was a ball of liquid metallic mercury light that went straight across the road moved in the up direction and went straight again vertically and then disappeared in a speed over the ocean!

I was pretty shit scarred as I do not usually believe in these things but as a matter of fact I do now.  What the hell was it and why could I see it my question is did anybody else see this I would prefer to stay anonymous for this procedure because my region may think I am very crazy, but shit I am still shaking from that day I haven’t stopped looking at the sights on the internet from this day.  It was so scary!

Description: No changes it just looked like a liquid mercury ball there was no sound and no interference with my radio

Location: Nearest to my town

Apparent Size: Dinner Plate

Actual Size: As big as a small truck or van

Altitude: Tree top

Object Origin: Left to the right going straight across up then straight across again

Object Destination: To the right

Moon Visible: I can’t remember

Moon Size Comparison: Double

Planets Visible: Not that I remember

Weather Temp: Cold

Weather Wind: Breezy

Effects Psychological: Yes I felt emotionless like I had been shocked so much I couldn’t move but then I started shaking scared all the way back home!

Sighting of Boomerang Shaped UFO at Burwood, NSW, Australia on 30 April 2005

30 April 2005 at 10.45 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Sighting Duration: 10 seconds

Observation: A very dark almost black boomerang shaped object moving quite slowly passed overhead, quite high, making no noise and having no lights.  It was travelling east to west.

Description: Boomerang shaped, no sound and no lights

Location: Park Avenue Burwood, NSW, Australia

Apparent Size: Dinner Plate

Actual Size: Larger than a plane, it looked like a plane but fatter with no tail section or cockpit, just the wing section

Altitude: 30 storey building

Object Origin: East

Object Destination: West

Moon Visible: The sky is quite bright but I cant see the moon

Planets Visible: Yes some stars

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Pleasant

Weather Sky: Sunny

Weather Wind: Calm

Viewing Aids: None

Effects Physical: I was absolutely riveted to it.  I was on the balcony of a flat with friends inside and I couldn’t even yell out to them.  I wasn’t scared, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing I nearly fell off the balcony from leaning over trying to follow it.

Effects Psychological: I forgot about it almost instantly.  I told a friend who came out, finished my cigarette and walked back inside and forgot about it.  My friend brought it up 20 mins later and I couldn’t believe I had forgotten.

UFO Sighting Near Bewen Bridge, Otoga Bay, Tasmania on 27 April 2005

Just over a week ago on the 27 April 2005 I was on my way to work it was 5:20 am.  I was driving on a road that is not used much that time of the morning, anyway I came around a corner and saw a blue light flashing, at first I though it was a police car but where I saw the light there is no road and it was going to slow.  As I got closer it was near a street light I just happened to turn my head & saw an object flashing about 1 metre on the roof of a house as the blue light flashed again I saw what it was a UFO.  It was a silver metallic coloured sphere with what looked like rivets on its surface.  I just sped of because it freaked me out. Now I would not be writing to you if I was lying because I didn’t believe in them at all, I always thought it was just people wanting to get attention for something or they were on something strong.

When I saw it I rang my husband & told him we even went back to where I saw it & there was nothing that could have made that light.  I have now eaten my words & have told a few friends who believe me. I just thought you would like to know.

The sketch below, of the UFO, is by the witness.

Download Document (PDF)

The following report was provided by the Tasmanian UFO Research Investigation Centre (TUFOIC).  Many thanks to TUFOIC for allowing us to post their report (report TA05067 dated 27 April 2005 at 5.20 am, Otago Bay, Tasmania).

Sighting Report
The witness had just started a new job at a hospital in Hobart; this meant an early start for work at 6 am.  The route from Gagebrook to the city is via the East Derwent Highway and the Bowen Bridge, a route the witness has travelled often.  Just north of the Bowen Bridge the highway drops down a hill then curves left towards a straight heading towards an underpass beneath the bridge.  As the witness came onto the straight a slow flashing blue light caught her attention.  The light was low and above or just left of the road. At first she thought it could have been a police or service vehicle.  The light flashed every three to four seconds and was moving slowly to the left as she viewed through the front windscreen.  By now the witness was approaching the location of the light which was to the left of the highway and visible out the passengers’ window.  At this point for some five seconds she was able to view an object apparently some 100m away and looking to be just a meter above the roadside house.  The pear shaped object had a flashing blue light on the right bottom side.  The body of the object seemed to have metallic patterns or symbols on it, whilst above there were two black areas, possibly windows.  The object which was still moving very slowly left looked to be a bit bigger than a car.  The witness felt panic and shock at the sight of the object and sped off beneath the underpass and out onto the Bowen Bridge, she glanced back to the north of the bridge but did not see the blue light or object. She returned with her husband later that day but could not locate anything to explain the sighting.

The sighting was reported to UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated on the 7 May 2005, they in turn passed on the information to TUFOIC on 15 May.  The witness was contacted by telephone at once and then completed a sighting form on the 22 May 2005.  The sighting location was visited and photographs taken of the location. Nothing was visible to account for the sighting.  A check was made for any Helicopter, Air Ambulance, and commercial aircraft flights but these all proved negative.

The reported low elevation of the sighting would seem to preclude an explanation by high flying aircraft, also the size and movement of the object rules out a normal astronomical explanation.  The witness says that there was no other road traffic noticed at the time of the sighting.  The witness has since the sighting travelled on the same road to go to work and has not seen any similar lights.  The Bowen Bridge is not visible at the initial sighting point, whilst at the final viewing location the witness was looking towards the low spurs of Mt Direction, this would seem preclude an explanation from traffic movements.

The only local lighting in the area is a street light adjacent to the sighting location.  A service road also is next to the sighting location but well below the location of the object.  None of the houses appeared to have any unusual construction or protuberances that could be misidentified.  On the information provided the case remains unexplained.

UFO Sighting at Eden, NSW, Australia on 27 July 2003

Andrew notified UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated of a sighting viewed from his house at Eden NSW on 27 July, 2003.

Andrew with his wife Simone and two friends, Mick & Jenny were at their house located on the Princess Highway, Eden.

I spoke initially with Andrew and later with Jenny and their account had been:

The two women were on the front balcony when they noticed a large object coming towards them travelling from North-West.  They called Andrew and Mick who viewed the object through binoculars.

They initially thought it was a plane but the lack of sound and movements and light formation drew their attention to think otherwise. Andrew stated that the object was only about 1 km above the house and appeared ‘dinner plate’ size to the naked eye. It was doing strange manoeuvres and changed direction travelling in a Southerly direction.  The objects lights were white and oscillating and as it went over the house appeared more intense.  The object flew off at an incredible speed.

Andrew advised he has had previous experiences.  About 15 years ago whilst driving his car with a friend near Sale (Gippsland, Victoria) they witnessed a bright light heading straight towards them and when close ‘it shot straight up into the air’.

Andrews other experience was when he was with his younger brother Bill on their parents farm at South Gippsland, Woodside.  The boys were only 10 and 12 years old and that particular day their parents were having a get-together with about 18 to 20 people.  The boys were playing outside in the field and witnessed a craft come down and land.  He said they were very scared and hid behind the dam bank.  He thought the shape to be cylindrical with a landing structure.  He thinks they experienced time loss of about one hour and would like one day to have hypnotherapy to find out what actually had happened.

They returned to the house at dusk and informed their mother (who is still alive) of their experience.  They were not allowed to go outside after this and it was passed off as a possible crashed satellite.  The next day when they investigated, there was no sight of the craft that had landed.

This sighting report was submitted by Errol Newlyn of UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated.

Cone Shaped UFO Sighting Near Cobar, NSW, Australia During December 2002

Month: December
Year: 2002
Sighting Time: Approximately 1.30 am (Eastern Standard Time)
Sighting Duration: Seconds
Description: No shape change and just a hissing sound, no motor sound at all
Location: On the road between Cobar and Broken Hill
Other Witnesses: My husband John
Actual Size: The size of a large bus or maybe larger
Altitude: Seemed to just clear the top of our Hiace van
Object Origin: North (from the ground)
Object Destination: South (to the ground)
Moon Visible: Not that we can recall
Planets Visible: Starry
Weather Visibility: Clear
Weather Temp: Hot
Viewing Aids: No time for that
Effects Physical: No
Effects Psychological: We kind of felt privileged to have seen it
Other Experiences: Never
Observation: My husband and myself were travelling between Cobar and Broken Hill (NSW, Australia) about an hour from Cobar.  It was a very hot starry night and not a soul in sight.  All of a sudden John stopped the van in the middle of the road and without either of us saying a word we got out of the van, it was like we had no choice.

I walked to the drivers side just as this thing, the likes of which we had never seen before rose straight up from the side of the road very close to us.  It flew directly over us and then appeared to the land about 500 metres away.  It seemed to be coned shaped and about the size of a large bus, the large end was the brightest light, a kind of blueish colour.  This thing made a hissing noise and there was a ‘vapour’ trail behind it.  There was no sign of it when we pulled up, nor was there any sign of light or anything when it appeared to land.

Nothing we know of could possibly take off and land at such speed.  Neither of us said much just got into our van and drove off.  I can’t recall being frightened but as John said later he felt an urgent need to get out of the area.

UFO Encounter with Truck at Narrabri, NSW, Australia During November 2002

Wednesday, 27 November 2002 (report presented by the ABC Radio New England, North West, NSW, Australia).

A truck driver travelling north of Narrabri on Monday night says he spotted a low-flying object he can’t explain, “I was heading north…and this thing came from the left hand side, about telegraph pole height. I was in its path, and it swooped around front of me…it was amazing the pace it went, and then it just sort of flattened out and took off on the right hand side, and disappeared along the flat”, ‘Peter the Truckie’ said, “I thought it might have been an aircraft, from an airforce base, so I rang Williamstown Air Force base, and they said, ‘No, it wouldn’t be flying that low’, I then rang Parkes telescope and the observatory in Canberra just to find out I’m not going bloody silly!”

Peter was put into contact with Doug Moffett, from the Australian UFO Research Network, who said, ‘This is a particularly dramatic case and I find it impossible to come up with any conclusion of some sort of terrestrial background.’

For more details including the actual audio report and other comments visit: http://www.abc.net.au/newengland/stories/s736045.htm.

Car Encounter with UFO in Warrnambool Area, Victoria on 18 October 2002

This is a short report on the Car Encounter which happened near Warrnambool on the 18 October 2002.

Location of sighting: Approximately 15 km west of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.

Description of Sighting: At about 12.30 pm Sue and her husband John and their infant grandson were heading home in their 1994 Toyota along Mortlake Road, west of Warrnambool when Sue noticed an odd metallic object above the car.  The object came down out of a bank of low cloud, went back and came down again.

This happened a few times, each time the object came lower.  Sue described the object as, ‘A big dome, which was wobbling.’  It followed them for a time and then disappeared over the car.  They pulled over to the side of the road to see if they could get a better look at the object.

Sue got out of the car and this is when the windscreen was sucked out.  Sue said that it, ‘Shot up into the air at a ninety degree angle, very fast.’  They went home and told their family what had happened and the police were called.  Latter they went back to the site to have a look for the windscreen, but it was not found.

Jason Groves, Australian UFO Investigator