UFO Sightings and Related Events (1980-1990)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

Report initially submitted by M via the website form on the 19 December 2016, with additional information provided by email on 20 December 2016.

Sighting of Black Triangular Shaped Craft, Watagan Mountains, NSW, Australia, During 1989/1990

It was in the evening at about 5.50 pm, during the summer of 1989/1990, I was travelling north on Freemans Drive, at Freemans Waterhole (NSW, Australia) heading towards Heaton Gap (on the way to Mulbring from the F3 Freeway).

As I exited the F3 Freeway I noticed an aircraft following the base of the Watagan Mountains.  The craft was travelling very slowly (about a third of the speed of a light aircraft during landing!) and quite low, casting a shadow on the mountain.  I travelled through Freemans Waterhole keeping sight of the shadow on the mountains.

As I proceeded towards Heaton Gap the aircraft (travelling west to east) came into view and passed over my car.  I could see the craft as I looked upward through the windscreen of the car from the drivers seat.

The craft was silent, black (no lights) and looked like a flying triangular wing.  The best way to describe it’s size was that it filled up (from head to tail) the width of a country road (ie one north and one south bound road) and the width would have been about the same.  It was not much higher than tree height and appeared to be following a gully.  The road then had a sharp incline, so the craft was lower than where I was (to my right) and I could clearly see its rear and part of its upper surface.

The craft did not appear to have any windows although I did not see it front on.  The top/rear was dome shaped and smooth without any sharp angles at all.  I guess the best way to describe it would be a domed pyramid, but not very high, all in proportions to the rest of the craft.  The craft appeared to be moving up and down in height to maintain a constant elevation from the ground surface.

It was moving much slower and lower than a normal aircraft.  It took me about 10 minutes to get home, just in time for the news.  I had been expecting to see on the news, a new military aircraft visiting Williamstown Airbase, but as yet I have not seen anything to compare this aircraft with.

Note by UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated: It is possible that this craft had been flying in a manner to deliberately avoid being detected by ground based radar.

Report submitted by Adrian, via the sighting report form, on the 14 June 2017.  Addition information was provided by email on the 20 June 2017.

Sighting of Lights Forming Circle in Sky at Braidwood, NSW, Australia During the Summer of 1985

When I was a teenager, I was staying at the farm of family friends, in Braidwood, NSW.

During the early evening, I was approximately 100 metres from the farmhouse putting fuel into one of the farm vehicles.  While viewing the clear sky, I observed, almost directly overhead, what I thought at first, was a satellite, in low earth orbit.

I had an interest in astronomy at school and was familiar with satellites’ appearances.  The light was very faint and travelling across the sky at a moderate speed. My guess had been that if it continued across the sky at its current speed, it would reach the horizon in two or three minutes.

Then, to my amazement, another faint white light, with a slight hue of blue, appeared in my field of view from almost the opposite direction as the first.  Then another light appeared, and then another, all from different directions. The lights were heading towards a central point of intersection. Just prior to all lights (I think there were about 10 or 12 in total) intersecting, they formed a circle and began to traverse the circumference of the circle, all in the same direction.  Then, after approximately 10 seconds they dispersed and disappeared, in different directions in approximately 10 seconds. The lights were like the lights caused by satellites, star like, without the shimmering, suggesting they were in the atmosphere, albeit, high up. The lights were estimated to be twice as bright as the star Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.

To this day, I have the memory of this sighting and have not discussed this, with any, but my closest friends.

I have an Honours Degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering and I worked as a design engineer for seven years at one of Australia’s largest defence contractors.  I consider that I have an educated opinion on what I saw that evening. I am also convinced there is no technology developed on Earth that is capable of the manoeuvres that I witnessed, either within the atmosphere or without.

I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, but what I’ve witnessed, is what I think it is, then I find it incredible that the space-faring nations, have not observed similar things.

What prompted me to send this report is a video that I viewed on YouTube, by Secureteam10: Astronaut Busted Trying To Hide UFOs Near ISS!.  This video reminded me of what I witnessed in 1985, since the lights in the video are like the lights, that I witnessed.

I thought this sighting is worth reporting.

Sighting of Triangular Shaped UFO, Ingleside, NSW, Australia, During November 1985

November 1985 at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time

Sighting Duration: Five minutes

Observation: In the backyard of a Christian retreat in Sydney for a school excursion, I and a friend had witnessed a UFO hovering low, moving very slow without any sound and without any force or wind.  The UFO was searching using a spotlight around the boys cabins and then it suddenly stopped moving after spotting us under it.  Then it showed a colourful flashing double rings with a bright square light at the centre.  The outer body of the triangle shape was a darker colour matching the night sky.  After few minutes staying in the same spot it moved slowly hovering towards the bush before taking off to a higher attitude at the speed of light showing like an orange line. I would be happy if anyone who had witnessed it at that time can explain it.  This could be the work of a top secret project.

Description: Triangular curved shape

Location: At a Christian retreat, Ingleside

Other Witnesses: Friend

Apparent Size: 10 metres long

Actual Size: Approximately 10 metres long

Altitude: At tree top height

Object Origin: Hovering at tree top height coming from the inland direction of the national park

Object Destination: Heading for higher attitude towards the ocean at the speed of light

Humanoids’ Sighting at Lake Gwelup, Western Australia, During 1984

This incident occurred in 1984.  It was the evening of the full moon and I had decided to take my dog for a midnight walk at nearby Gwellup Lake.

I had walked some way along the lake side under the gum trees and was about to cross a clearing lit by the moonlight when I noticed three or four figures in the distance heading my way.  Judging from the size of the approaching figures I presumed them to be a group of boys, and I had noticed a white object moving about which I thought was the moonlight picking up the movement of white trousers as the figures moved.

Being a lone female out very late alone, I considered it prudent to wait in the dark beneath the trees until the boys had passed on their way. As the figures drew closer however I realized that they were three humanoid figures moving in single file.  What was obvious is that their arms and legs and head were out of proportion to their bodies which caused them to move with a strange gait (ape like movements), and the white object was actually a ball of white light rolling behind them just above the ground.

They continued to move closer all the time without realizing I was crouching in the dark.  At this point my dog had become terrified with hackles up and began to bark and snarl.  The figures were alerted to our presence and stopped dead in their tracks.  The leader lifted up his strange lanky arm and let out a spine tingling whooping noise!  At this point my dog bolted with her tail between her legs leaving me to fend for myself, however after watching the dog flee, the small figures along with the rolling ball of light also fled into a high growth of wild lupins not far off.

This was actually followed up the following evening when my cousin some how persuaded me to return to the lake about the same time as he was anxious to take photo’s if anything else occurred.  We did not encounter any further small creatures but were buzzed several times over the clearing by an extremely bright light that made several passes over us.

Unusual: The white ball of light moved with a rolling and bobbing motion but never touched the ground.  The figures seemed to be unclothed with darkish or almost greyish appearance but this was difficult to discern in the moonlight.

Location: I would have been at least 12 feet from the figures when they stopped and realized that they were being observed.

Weather conditions: It was winter but a clear night.

Physical stuff: The figures would have stood approximately three feet in height.  The white light that buzzed us later was originally a long way off like a star and grew in size as it approach.  I could not estimate its size over the clearing as I was hiding in fear under the trees as my cousin attempted to take photos of the light.

Report initially submitted by Tony, via website guestbook, on the 28 March 2017, with additional information and sketches provided by email on the 28 and 30 March 2017.

Close Encounter with UFO at Gosford, NSW, Australia at 9 pm on the 26 August 1983

On the 26 August 1983, I was out with my family at the Gosford RSL, NSW, Australia, celebrating my mothers birthday.  After dinner, my parents and older brother went to play the poker machines.  Since I was seventeen years old so I had to go wait in the car.

Between 9 and 10 pm I was facing south towards the Woy Woy direction and saw a bright light (like a motorcycle headlight) on top of the mountain. This light started to move closer, so I got out of the car as it start to move over the top of my head.

This object was not fast moving and was not high, maybe 200 to 300 metres.  As it passed over head the circular light was actually two lights located at the head of the ‘craft’.  I looked in amazement as I could make out the shape.  It was a massive UFO shaped like a diamond with straight back and side surfaces.  Under the UFO were flashing coloured lights, highlighting the shape along the edges. 

In the centre was a hexagon or circled shape which also had flashing lights that were spinning around.  I presumed this was some kind of door or opening.  

It was travelling very slow at about ten kilometres per hour and therefore I got a very good view of the UFO.  As it slowly moved north, the back had a red bar light that ran across the whole ‘rear end’.  It appeared like it was a flat object, made no sound and its size would have been equivalent to about ten Jumbo jets.

The sighting lasted for five to ten minutes.

I have never known who to share this with and found this site, so I thought I would share it with you.  I am happy to talk to anyone who wishes to confirm or investigate.  Like many who have seen UFOs I have no doubt of their existence as nothing I saw that night was man-made.  I’m also aware that most people think its crazy, or there is some reason for seeking attention.  What can I do, it’s what I saw and will not forgot!  Anyway hope this helps investigating these things.

Download Document (PDF)

An independent witness report of this sighting was submitted by James, via the guestbook, on the 27 June 2017.  James’ report is as follows.

‘In 1983 I sighted the exact UFO that occurred in Gosford and reported on this website.  The report was broadcast on the 2GO radio station that a UFO was heading over Erina Drive, Gosford.  We got out of our car and watched this craft for five minutes as it passed over us.

People came out of their houses to watch the UFO.  The UFO was going over Mount Elliot, towards Wyong.  It was huge with flashing lights and no noise, just a hum.

I’ve been looking to find this sighting on the internet for about 18 years and have finally found someone that had seen the same thing, wow.  Can the person that reported this sighting get in contact with me?’

Editor’s comment:  We arranged for James to contact Tony.

This sighting was reported by Gavin in July 2012.  Report courtesy of Bryan Dickeson.

Close Encounter with UFO at Buff Point, NSW, Australia, in mid 1983

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Close Encounter with UFO and Car Near Walcha, NSW, Australia, During February 1983

Sighting Date: February 1983

Sighting Time: 10.30 pm

Sighting Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Sighting Duration: 10 to 20 seconds

Observation: I was driving to Armidale from the East coast along the Walcha Rd and had reached the undulating land at the top of the plateau.  The engine of the VW Transporter van gradually lost power and the lights dimmed as a UFO, about the size of two large shipping containers, passed me moving directly above the power lines on my right hand side, it continued along above the power lines and was soon out of sight.  The power to the engine returned as the object moved away.  I was travelling at 100 km/h at the time and slowed to about 80 km/h with the loss of power.  I estimate the speed of the object to be around 200 km/h.  The only sound apart from the road noise of the moving van was the sound of air being displaced by the object of that size.

Description: The object glowed a pale neon red and blue along the outline of its shape which resembled two square pyramids joined at the base.  The object seemed semi-opaque with a milky glow, it gave the illusion of rotating end over end but this observation could have been due to my changing viewpoint as the object passed.

Location: Walcha Rd heading West about 20 to 30 minutes before Walcha

Apparent Size Other: Medium bus

Actual Size: Medium sized bus

Altitude: Directly above power lines, 20 to 30 metres

Object Origin: East

Object Destination: West

Moon Visible: No moon light, scattered cloud

Moon Size Comparison: No moon but much bigger

Planets Visible: Some stars in clear parts of sky

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Pleasant

Weather Wind: Calm

Other Experiences:

I once met a group of strangely dressed people who seemed to be observing a house in Naremburn in 1979 when I was about 17 years of age.  The people were of slight build and wore suits similar to those worn by Cathy Freeman at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.  The suits were grey and covered what looked like backpacks on two of the people, the others had small hand held devices.  Some were crouching and some standing behind trees on both sides of the street.  I heard the nearest one speak to me and ask who I was, I did not see the persons lips move and seemed to hear the question in my head.

That’s when it got too weird for me and I ran home in fright.  I had thought of this event as some alien encounter for some years following, but with the passing of the years since I have considered the idea that these people may have been humans from some future time.

Report submitted by Bryon on the 25 February 2017 via email with sketch submitted via email on the 1 March 2017.

Sighting of Spherical Shaped UFO Over Ocean from Headland at Garie Beach, Royal National Park, NSW, Australia in 1982/1983 at 3 am

In the early 1980s I would go fishing at Garie Beach with my friend, Steve, every Saturday.  We would meet at the Garie Beach car park at 2.30 am and then walk north along the beach until we reached the rocks at the end of the beach.  We would then follow a walking track that took us along the coast to a popular fishing spot called, The Deck.

On one morning it was extremely dark and if you turned your torch off, you couldn’t see your hands or anything around you.  When we arrived at the fishing spot it was so dark that we decided to wait until it became light enough so we could see the waves, since it could have been dangerous to go rock fishing in the dark.  We poured a coffee from our flasks and then stood with our backs on the cliff face behind us. We turned our lights out and drank or coffee and chatted about the morning to come.  We couldn’t even see each other because it was so dark.
All of a sudden, in front of us, less than a kilometre away, and approximately 50 metres above the seawater, we witnessed the appearance of what looked like a spherical object.  The object appeared to have a relative size similar to a large full moon.  It was radiating different colours, like flashes of light that were not coming from any distinct area on the object.  The light appeared to pulsate all over in shades of reds, greens, yellows, and blues.  There was no sound coming from the object.  The object slowly descended vertically at a constant speed into the seawater, and finally appeared to completely submerge.  The decent of the object into the seawater took approximately ten seconds.

We were so taken by this experience that we looked on the TV news and checked the newspapers, but did not find anything about what we had witnessed.  I can still see this object clear in my mind, as it was back then.  I have told this story to many people over the years.

Download Document (PDF)

Above is a sketch by Bryon showing the appearance of the object with a side elevation showing the location of the object relative to the two observers.

Sighting of UFO Following Car at Karuah, NSW, Australia, During 1982

Sighting Date: Unsure

Sighting Month: Unsure

Sighting Year: 1982

Sighting Time: 11:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

Sighting Duration: Approximately five to ten minutes

Observation: When our family was travelling north on the Pacific Highway between Raymond Terrace and Karuah (NSW, Australia) late at night, the three of us kids in the back were wide awake.  Looking around, I noticed a star becoming larger and larger behind the car.  In a matter of seconds this bright light was tailing our car, matching the speed exactly.  It appeared as a brilliant blue white ball of light, that was swaying like a pendulum from side to side.  Extremely eery, it sat behind the car, pacing us for what seemed like five minutes or so.  Without warning, the object then shot up the left hand side of the car, and appeared to be skimming through the treetops, casting a weird glow on the trees as it did.  It was totally amazing that it was just pacing our car exactly, staying in line with the rear passenger window.  Then in the blink of an eye, it pulled back to it’s original position behind the car, and with the same lightening speed shot up to the right hand side, where it stayed for another couple of minutes.  The swaying motion was hypnotic and highly unusual.  Us kids were begging dad to stop the car, but having discussed it with mum and my siblings over the years, we believe dad was scared out of his wits by it, and that’s why he wouldn’t stop.  Once it had been on the right side of the car for a while, it once more returned to the original position behind the car, and without warning, it managed to vanish by shooting off backwards into the sky, and was gone from sight in under three seconds.

Description: Bright blue-white light, very intense and bright.  Swaying side to side motion and silent.

Location: Pacific highway between Raymond Terrace and Karuah

Other Witnesses: I will gladly supply if needed, suffice to say my mum, brother and sister are all convinced what we saw was not of this earth.  My dad still refuses to discuss it.

Apparent Size Other: A small Volkswagen car size

Altitude: Tree top height, consistently

Object Origin: From behind, first appeared as a large star.  South east as far as I can tell.

Object Destination: South east

Moon Visible: No moon, full dark

Planets Visible: Lots of stars, very dark night

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Cold

Weather Sky: Sunny

Weather Wind: Calm

Viewing Aids: No, unfortunately

Effects Physical: Not that I remember

Effects Psychological: Just an incredible sense of wonder, curiosity and excitement

Effects Other: No

Effects Other Witnesses: I think it totally freaked my dad out to the point where he’s kind of blocked it out of his concious mind

Other Experiences: No unfortunately

Report initially submitted by Steve via the Guestbook on the 6 November 2016, with additional information provided by email on 18 January 2017.

Sighting of Football Shaped UFO at Newcastle Golf Course, Located at Fern Bay, NSW, Australia in 1980 at 7 pm

In the summer of 1980 (possibly January). I was running with four friends on Newcastle Golf Course, located at Fern Bay. We were about 15 years old at the time. As we lived there very close to the RAAF facility, hence we were familiar with helicopters and jet activity in the area.
On this evening at about 7 pm we were running towards the ocean on the golf course when a football shaped object appeared on the opposite side of the fairway, approximately 50 metres from us. It was solid and glowed a bright metallic gold colour.  The object was about 20 metres long and moving at walking pace, had no windows and emitted no sound. The object was 15 to 20 metres off the ground, being just above the trees height.

We all stopped, dead in our tracks and dived into the nearby bunker to watch. One of the guys said, ‘Helicopter,’ another said, ‘No sound, no lights.’ This thing was silent and had no navigation lights. It continued on its path towards the vicinity of the tenth tee. As soon as it was out of our site we got up and ran like hell for home.

By the time I got home, approximately ten minutes later, I could hear the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Mirage jets flying over the area. My thoughts were, and still are, that the RAAF observed this object on their radar.
I know the guys I was with, and what we saw wasn’t a plane or helicopter.