UFO Sightings and Related Events (1991-2001)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

Close Encounter with UFO at Tamworth, NSW, Australia on 13 December 1998

Danglemah Road, Limbri (Tamworth) NSW Australia

Occupation: Funeral Director

Qualifications: Pilot, Mechanical Engineer

Interests: UFO Research, Astronomy, Geology, Biology

Sighting Date: 13 December 1998 at 2.20 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Sighting Duration: 3 minutes

Observation: I had a business in Sydney and every second week I used to leave my country property at 2.30 am to head back to Sydney.  This particular morning I got out of bed at 2.15 am and went straight to the fridge to get myself an orange juice, as I opened the fridge something in my head told me to go outside and look as I made my way out of the house I found strange that I the animals were not making any noises and my dog refuse to come out of his pen, as I looked south I noticed two lights approaching and traveling at about 70 knots towards me, at first I thought it was a plane with engine trouble so I immedietly turned all the outside lights on, then I realised it was not a plane but two flying disks they both slowed down and hovered above me at a height of about 10 metres both object were silent and suddenly I got this intense feeling of love that I have never felt before, then I scream to my brother-in-law to come out and as I did the objects started to accelerate heading in a northly direction.   My brotherinlaw managed to see the objects speed away and he said to me what the hell was that and I replied thats our creators and then I felt this sadness just like when someone dear passes away. even to this moment I still feel that feeling of loss.

Description: Both objects around 10 metres across glowing a very soft yellow.  The other saucer had a dome underneath that had almost invisible red electrical discharges inside the dome.

Location: Outside my house on Danglemah Road, Limbri 35 km north of Tamworth

Other Witnesses: DR

Apparent Size Other: 10 metres across

Actual Size: As above

Altitude: 10 metres

Object Origin: South between to mountains flying inside our valley

Object Destination: North following the valley

Moon Visible: No

Moon Size Comparison: Ten times

Planets Visible: A few stars

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Pleasant

Weather Wind: Calm

Effects Physical: As I described above

Effects Psychological: As I described above

Effects Other: As I described above

Other Experiences: Many other encounters with alien machines

Report submitted: 22 February 2012

Sighting of UFOs at Near the Warrumbungle Mountains, NSW, Australia, Circa 1997 

Myself and my two mates were pig hunting with our dogs on a remote property west of the Warrumbungle Mountains, NSW Australia.  We saw a series of lights at night that were fuzzy around the edges, darting around in zig-zag fashion.  The lights were orange and green and they flew high and then low amongst the trees.  One even bounced across the paddock towards me, then blinked out half way across the paddock.  We were spooked by this and another couple of red lights were seen chasing each other way across the paddock.  The red lights were the size of truck tyres, they came as close as 50 metres. We were frightened and jumped in the car and took off, leaving the dogs behind.

We then heard a buzzing noise in the car and it seemed to stop the car moving.  In fact, there was a pulsing feeling and the car sort of jerked forward.  As the pulsing happened, we felt ourselves paralysed and unable to move or talk.  We were not sure if it was due to fear or something being done to us. This lasted about 30 seconds, and then the car suddenly sprang to life and we took off.  It was as if a force field was trying to lift the car.  One of my friends decided that we should fetch the dogs, who stood quivering where they had left them.  We were so scared that we agreed to jump out together and fetch the dogs.  The dogs seemed unable to jump into the back of the ute which they normally did and had to be lifted up.  When we got home it was 11 pm and we didn’t think we had been out that long.  It was 7 pm when we first sighted the lights.

The areas around Coonabarabran, Narrabri and Coonamble, NSW Australia are a hot spot for sightings and almost everyone has seen them (UFOs) at some stage or other.  On the night before the sighting my friends were on the same property and saw similar green lights shooting up from the ground.

My friend mentioned he had a friend who lived in Narrabri who claims his dad talks of being abducted since the age of four and throughout childhood.  He would wake up and find little beings along with taller ones in his room.  His parents took him to several psychiatrists to try to figure out what was going on.  He doesn’t have much recall about what happened to him.  His son sighted a silver craft over the house, when he was walking to the woods nearby to give his dogs water. Before that he was sceptical, but the sighting shook him up and he acknowledged that his Dad had a point.

This sighting occurred, circa 1997.

Report submitted: 6 April 2016

Sighting of Cigar and Saucer Shaped UFO at Kempsey, NSW, Australia, Circa 1996 and 1981

A retired Police Officer who lives on a property close to the beach at Kempsey, NSW, Australia submitted the following reports via telephone.  This report was transcribed from the conversation.

Twenty years ago, his wife was in bed when she saw a metallic silver cigar shaped object pass by the veranda of the house at Kempsey.  There are large windows in the house, so the object could be viewed through the windows.  The object was approximately 30 metres long with a circumference of about 20 metres.  The object was flying approximately six metres above the veranda and made no noise.  He saw it when his wife called out, by then it was 45 metres above the house and then took off at high speed.

His first sighting occurred 35 years ago.  He and the neighbours were having a barbecue on the sand hills near his house at Kempsey, when a UFO flew over.  It was at about 7 pm, the circular UFO (with a row of lights surrounding its perimeter) flew over the barbecue and then over the house.  One neighbour screamed, ‘it almost hit the roof’!  The UFO made no noise and was observed by about 40 people.  The UFO continued flying in a haphazard way at high speed between Crescent Head and Hat Head, disappearing from sight into a swampy area.

The next day, he and his friends went to look at the crash/landing site and they saw a group of yellow suited men working at the site.  There was a 15 metre diameter ‘burnt’ circular area in the grass.  The yellow suited men said it was due to a Dieldrin spill, which they knew to be a lie.  The men dug up that area to half a metre deep.  Afterwards, people did not talk about the sighting because they were afraid of being ridiculed.   Where the burnt circle was located, nothing grows to this day.  Even now they are not keen to talk about the sighting.

Report initially submitted by Mark via website Guestbook on the 28 December 2016, with additional information provided by telephone and email (sketch) on the 17 January 2017.

 Close Encounter with UFO at Cook, ACT, Australia, Circa 1995/1996 at 7.30/8 pm

This sighting occurred before mobile phones were in general use.  I had left a friend’s house to use a public telephone, located at the shops adjacent to Lyttleton Crescent, Cook, ACT, Australia.  While crossing Cook Neighbourhood Oval, I heard a faint sound of wind, sounding like a hissing.  My peripheral vision then drew my attention to a very large, slow moving egg shaped craft omitting a green glow (very similar to the novelty stars that stick to walls and light up in the dark).  The object flew directly over me at approximately 60 km/hr at a height of 50 metres.  There were no physical effects on me as the object passed over.

I watched the object slowly head in the direction of the Cook shops and I tried to keep up with it.  When I arrived at the shops, groups of strangers were captivated and began walking in a large group up the road to follow the object.  The object then disappeared and reappear about seven minutes later as a light higher in the sky.  The light danced for a few seconds then moved at an incredible speed and disappeared.  I can’t explain why, but there was a real sense of intrigue and calm when the object (craft) was directly above me.  I had no sense of danger or panic.

Egg Shaped UFO Sighting at Cook, ACT, Australia in 1995/1996 Egg Shaped UFO Sighting at Cook, ACT, Australia in 1995/1996
Sketch by witness and map of location where the object (red dot) was sighted in Cook, Australian Capitol Territory (ACT), Australia.

UFO Sighting Over Holsworthy Army Barracks, NSW, Australia, During 1996

Sighting Date: Unsure

Sighting Month: Unsure

Sighting Year: 1996

Sighting Time: 5-6 pm Eastern Standard Time

Sighting Duration: 10 seconds

Observation: I was working as a pizza delivery driver for pizza haven in Ingleburn NSW when I was delivering to a place in Glenquarrie it was still daylight and i could clearly see in the sky over Holsworthy Army Barracks (NSW, Australia) a silver disc in the sky it hovered then quickly moved down diagonally left then up diagonally right disappearing leaving a fire trail or something similar.

Description: It was silver and shaped like a cigar very fast

Location: Glenquarrie, Macquarie Fields

Apparent Size Other: 5 cm in length

Actual Size: Size of a small plane

Altitude: Height of a passenger jet

Object Origin: It was hovering when I noticed it

Object Destination: Up diagonally right

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Warm

Weather Sky: Sunny

Weather Wind: Calm

Effects Physical: I couldn’t believe my eyes

Report submitted: 7 July 2015

Sighting of UFO at The Entrance, NSW, Australia, During 1995 

In 1995, I was sitting with a friend on a headland at The Entrance, north of Sydney, Australia, looking east over the ocean.  It was around 8 pm and we were there at random – we went for a drive to visit some relatives up that way.

All of a sudden, the sky in front of us seemed to ‘shudder’, as if something was entering the airspace, my friend reacted like I did – about to run.  I said, ‘Did you see that!’  In front of us over the water at least 500 metres to 1 km away was a gigantic object (UFO) – it would’ve been over one kilometre wide, the aspect was the same as if you looked at a jet from the front.

It looked like a pyramid on its side, looking at the point and could just make out the right angles.  The object was stationary and silent and bigger than a full moon on the horizon.  There were no lights on the object.  The hair rose on the back of my neck and it felt really eerie, we got the hell out of there after watching for about five minutes.  We had the feeling that it was watching us at the same time we were watching it.  When we left the object was motionless and in the same position.  The object was hard to see, but I could clearly see the sharp edges.  It made me and my friend feel defenceless.  It is as fresh in my memory today as it was then.  I feel the technology was from somewhere else.

Interestingly, around that time there were multiple sightings of smaller craft reported, but as far as I now we were the only witnesses to this event.

The witness has been in the Australian Defence Force, Army and was awarded the Australian Defence Medal (Army) including various commendations.

UFO Sighting from Australian Navy Warship, HMAS Newcastle, During February 1995

Country: Australia

Australian Navy Warship, HMAS Newcastle

Home Port: Garden Island, Sydney

State: NSW

Sighting Date: February 1995

Sighting Time: 0200 hours

Sighting Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Sighting Duration: 13 seconds

Observation: The Australian Navy warship, HMAS Newcastle, was at sea 25 nm east off Sydney participating in anti-ship war-games with other naval units.  The closest other unit was some 5 nm as surface consort.  I was on the bridge at the time of initial observation.

I saw bright lights pass directly in front of the ship at an excessive speed.  The light projected reminded me of headlights from a passing car.

The lights stopped to the starboard beam of the ship (front right).  It is hard estimate a distance however it would have been no more than 100 metres ahead.  The object shone a bright light at the front of the ship.  This lasted for approximately two seconds.

The object then moved at an excessive speed prior to adopting a ballistic profile (went straight up).  I have never seen such speed before.

The operations room was contacted and it was verified from operators that there were no helicopters in the air at the time.  The next scheduled movement from Nowra was an SH-60 Seahawk helicopter that was to be used in the exercise.  This was due on task at 0400.

At the time all Radars were not transmitting as per exercise requirements.  Weather at the time was clear with unobstructed views in all directions.  I cannot recall if there was moonlight that evening or not.

Description: No changes of shape.  Movement from last position was excessive.  Location: 25 nm east of Sydney.

Apparent Size: Dinner Plate

Actual Size: Can’t recall

Altitude: At time of shining light, it would have been maybe 100 feet off deck

Object Origin: From the west I think

Object Destination: Straight up, a northerly aspect I think

Moon Visible: As I stated I cannot recall

Moon Size Comparison: I cannot recall

Planets Visible: I think stars were visible

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Mild

Weather Sky: Sunny

Wind: Breezy

Disc Shaped UFOs Sighted at Pentacost River, Western Australia on 16 August 1994

Occupation: Laboratory Technician

Date: 16th August 1994

Time: 15.30

Time Zone: Western Standard Time

Sighting Duration: 7 hours

Observation: I was doing a horse ride from Broome to Darwin from July to September 1994.  To cut a long story we were floating some horses into El Questro Station across the Pentacost River at around three in the afternoon.  The car and float was moving extremly slow due to the roughness of the road and we did not want to spook the horses. I was travelling on the back of the ute keeping an eye on the animals when out of the corner of my eye I saw what I at first thought to be three planes coming in low to my left.

I thought it odd because they were travelling really close together, and as I have flown planes before I know how dangerous that can be unless you are properly trained.  The reason I thought they were planes was because of the red and green lights and as a lot of the very rich stay at this station I thought it might have been a private airfield they were going to landing on.

Anyway they came in quite low and then just stopped and hovered about 200 yards to my left, ovoid in shape (typical saucer shaped) with first red and then green lights travelling horizontally around the middle of the saucer.  They were still there at 10.30pm that night, at one stage I felt I could almost touch them.  They were completly silent and did nothing at all until they left that night.

Description: No unusual movement except the coming in fast and low and then just stopping dead almost on top of us.  They made no sound.

Location: Gibb River Road, Pentacost River at El Questro Station, Western Australia

Other Witnesses: Probably about 30 or so at night when you could only see the lights, two other people were with me at the crossing.  I don’t know if they would want me to give you their names, unfortunatly my camera was in my other bag in another car on the way to the main Station.

Apparent Size Other: Huge hard to tell because there was nothing in the back ground when you looked up.

Actual Size: Maybe 400 to 500 feet across and 40 to 50 feet centre (top to bottom)

Altitude: Tree top height or a tiny bit higher

Object Origin: West to east high to low

Object Destination: Same direction that they came

Moon Visible: No moon

Planets Visible: Yes

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Hot

Weather Sky: Sunny

Weather Comments: It was a clear typical hot day in the dry season

Viewing Aids: No, just the naked eye but very close

Below is a sketch, by the witness of the UFOs.


Sighting report initially submitted 18 May 2016 via the guestbook on this website.  On 6 July 2016, Mariana had a Skype interview with the witness, his daughter also spoke briefly.

Sighting of Craft with Occupants at Tanja, NSW, Australia, During Early 1990s

I have what you could call a UFO story from the 1990s, I could clearly identify this being probably 45 to 50 metres from me.  It gave me a very good look at it and there is no mistaking what I saw.  I have kept this hidden for 22 years.

It happened in a small town called Tanja in the south coast of NSW, Australia.  It was a lovely clear day and I was with my partner and my mother, feeling relaxed.  I happened to glance out of the window to my left facing Bermagui Road and over the paddocks towards the tree line.  I could see something coming into view, not really believing what I was seeing.  I tried to get my family to look out the window but they weren’t interested, so I charged outside, jumped the fence and ran as close as I dared and watched the most amazing thing I have ever seen; a great big shiny silver spaceship, the size of a football field going as slow as a four-wheel drive in low gear.  It had a green glow and windows around the outside.  It was a 50 metres or so above me and just above the trees.  Looking out of the windows was a group of people, not human, in a line.  I am guessing they were different ages.  There were little ones between two larger ones, maybe a family.  Some were really tall and skinny with triangular heads and big black eyes.  The craft stopped, I don’t know for how long, and we looked at each other for what seemed like forever.
I stopped jumping up and down and waving like an idiot, thinking I was going to be taken away.  Some of them waved and a second later it took off that quickly, I could not believe it.  The trees did not move when the UFO passed only metres above them.  It did not go into space as I thought it would and went straight ahead and then looked as if it went down into the sea, somewhere behind the trees.

Thirteen other people saw the UFO that day, and someone reported it to the police.  A man came to see me and told me Tanja is a hot spot for UFOs.  He said that in the 1960s a UFO flew above the main street of Bega in full daylight, along the full length of the street.

I have another experience that I did not take much notice of at the time until I had the dream.  It was a couple of years before the UFO sighting, at a popular fishing and swimming location, called Bithry Inlet, NSW, Australia.  I arrived there at about 6 pm with a friend and we fished for about two and a half hours when we saw the brightest light we’ve ever seen.  We could not see the source of the light, but it lit up the entire area.  It scared us so much, we ran home.  It should only have taken me 15 minutes from the inlet to home but instead it was 3 am when I reached home.  My friend gets a rash every year on the same day as the sighting.

The dream I had ten years ago was not good.  I was lying on an operating table being held down by something which felt like, Gladwrap.  I could not move my head, talk or even scream.  There was one alien standing near my feet and one by my side.  I could hear them speaking in a cranky sort of way, they made clicking sounds.  There were things being stuck up my bottom and the last thing I remember was a thing coming towards my face with needles.  The needles were heading for my eyes and I passed out.  I am sure there is a lot more hidden in my mind which I would love to get out.  I did get one brief look at one of the aliens and it looked like the aliens in Abe’s Odyssey.  It had long, skinny arms and a long face with something covering its face.  I could see its eyes and they were oval but a lot bigger than ours.  There was no nose (except for two dots) and no hair and the skin was pale.  It did not look like the ones I saw on the UFO.  They may have told me why I was there but I can’t remember.

I have tested myself.  If I have the same dream two or three times in a row, 99 percent of the times I will see it on the news.  I don’t know what the tests they did were for.  I guess I think I may have visited other planets and met and seen some really different things.  I would really like to know the truth myself.  A few times after that experience I have had the feeling of great pressure on my chest and it feels as if something is in my room.  I’ve had to really struggle to get whatever it is off me and I never see what it is because it goes before I can get the light on.
I don’t tell my family anything.  It is a touchy subject with family and I live in a small community so I do not want to be ridiculed.  I am reminded of something which happened to me when I was four or five years old in Pambula, which is a coastal farming town.  Something disturbed my sleep and I could hear something under my bed.  I thought it was one of our cats that had somehow come into my room.  I leaned over and looked under the bed and two glowing eyes looked back at me.  I went and told my mum but she did not believe me.  During the night this thing came out and bit me on the arm.  The marks were triangular red bruises.  My parents could not explain how the bruises happened and told me to ignore it.  This was also the time I started having the pressure experiences on my chest.  My daughter (aged 12) has had the same experiences, not the glowing eyes, but the weight on the chest and also shadow entities in her room.  One night she came running into my room and jumped into bed saying, ‘Daddy, I’ve just seen a ghost.’  She was four years old then and has had a few more experiences since then.  We support each other since no-one else in the family does.

As a child and throughout my life I have had dreams that I call power dreams.  They are so real; it is as if I have not gone to sleep at all.  I can fly at great speed and hover over things and lift them up, not just people but even ocean liners.  I have flown to different countries and even to the moon and back.  In the dreams I just have to point the palms of my hands at things and they will move.  Sometimes the shadow figures with glowing eyes come into my dreams.  I try to fly away from them and every time they get me.  It is like there are a thousand power lines criss-crossing the sky and I cannot dodge them.  I can feel them cutting into me.  The figures have ganged up on me a few times, in my dreams, and beaten me, telling me not to come back, I try to wake up.  This seems strange to me.

I may have an implant behind my left ear.  When I touch it, my finger feels numb.  I first became aware of it after watching an Alien movie, this made me feel for it.