UFO Sightings and Related Events (1958-1968)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

UFO Sightings in Sydney, Australia by Ron Gaist, During 1962 and 1966

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Initial sighting report submitted by Glenys, via a hand written letter, dated 3 December 2017.  A second letter was submitted in early January 2018 in answer to questions, including a map with the sighting location identified.  A third letter was submitted on the 19 January 2018 that included a hand drawn sketch of the UFO.

Sighting of Saucer Shaped UFO in Paddock, Adjacent to Goodwood Road, near Donnybrook, Western Australia, on 25/26 July 1965, at about 12.15 am

The letter incorrectly refers to the sighting being adjacent to, ‘Upper Capel Rd.’  Subsequent correspondence from Glenys, that included a map (see below), showed that the sighting occurred adjacent to Goodwood Road, near Ironstone Gully Falls.  This location is adjacent to the Capel River and the Boyanup State Forest, Western Australia.

A pdf of the initial hand written letter.

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A pdf of the second letter submitted by Glenys that included a map with the sighting location identified.

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A pdf of a map showing the sighting location, identified with a red triangle, adjacent to Goodwood Road, near Ironstone Gully Falls, Western Australia (map courtesy of Goggle).

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A pdf of the UFO sketched by Glenys (January 2018).  Glenys’ comment with the sketch was, ‘I’m afraid I’m not very good at drawing and I think the UFO was bigger than I’ve made it.  What a fascinating job you have.’

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Editor’s comments: I have no doubt that the witness had a close encounter with an extraordinary anomalous object and subsequently reported this incident, 52 years later.  In my opinion the report is highly credible and without any obvious mundane explanations.  In addition, the sighting must have been a highly significant historical event for the witnesses, demonstrated by the attention to details in the letter. We are left with the real possibility that this object is a machine, that is, not a product of our technology and could have been piloted by sentient beings from elsewhere in the cosmos.

Glenys comment, ‘We decided not to report the sighting for fear of being ridiculed,’ is a commonly reported by UFO witnesses.  The famous UFO researcher, Dr James E McDonald, frequently encountered this type of witness fear, when talking to witnesses of UFO sightings during the 1960s. This suggests that the frequency of UFO encounters is likely to be far higher than reported.

The description of the UFO as being, ‘It was lightish white metallic looking with no sign of bolts or rivets, just totally smooth,’ is often reported by close encounter witnesses of ‘classic’ flying saucers (UFOs).

Since the UFO apparently exists in our universe, it follows that laws of physics, in this universe, should apply.

The witness describes the change in colour of the beam of light that was emitted from the base of the object as, ‘Suddenly the beam of light changed to a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours, ending in blue.’

It is interesting to note that the visible electromagnetic spectrum runs from the shorter wavelength colours of violet, through to indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red progressively to the longer wavelength colours, ending in a deep red.  The complete electromagnetic spectrum includes, from the shorter to the longer wavelengths, gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwaves, and radio waves.

Although highly speculative, the change in the colour of the light beam may be indicative of the propulsion system physics, with at least one other conjecture; that the beam is being used to carrying out physical analysis, for example, soil chemistry.  The wavelengths outside the visible spectrum cannot be detected by the human eye and therefore there is the possibility that these emissions may also have been emitted by the UFO’s light source and used for the physical analysis.

Fluorescence spectroscopy (also known as fluorometry or spectrofluorometry) is a type of electromagnetic spectroscopy that analyses fluorescence from a sample.  It involves using a beam of light, usually ultraviolet light, that excites the electrons in molecules of certain compounds and causes them to emit light; typically, but not necessarily, visible light (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Based on this assumption there are two main discrepancies between our current use of this technique and that described in the sighting report, they are:

The UFO is reported to be hovering at tree top level, when the beam of light is emitted to the ground.  In fluorescence spectroscopy it is preferable for the sample (the ground) to be near the excitation source and the emission detector.  This is required to minimise the loss in signal strength.  Secondly, the fluorescence is normally measured at a 90 degree angle, relative to the excitation source, to minimise interference with the emission source (courtesy of Wikipedia).  This configuration is used instead of placing the sensor at the line of the excitation light, at a 180 degree angle, as reported.  These problems may be overcome by using advanced technologies that are evident in the report, for example, lens-less optics and artificial sun (fusion) like sources of emissions.

The following report was emailed to the Association.  We have been unable to independently verify this sighting.

Sighting of UFO Passing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW, Australia, During 1958/1959

I would appreciate your assistance in clarifying whether this incident had occurred.

I’m sure as a child in Sydney, while crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, by train, in the summer of 1958 or 1959.  My clear recollection from the adults, with me, was that a huge pinkish UFO travelled over/under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Such was the consternation that the train I was on stopped, on the bridge.  The light from the UFO was blinding, and everyone in the train carriage gasped as the UFO approached, and just missed colliding with the train.

No one believes me now but this memory has stayed with me for all my life.

Editors comment: We are interested if others may have witnessed this sighting, or know anything about this incident.