Report a UFO Sighting

This page is for the reporting of UFO sightings and related events, with the option to attach files.  This is an alternative to our Guestbook   page where files etc cannot be attached.

UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated receives a wide range of high quality and credible reports, some with digital images.  We have also had reports of UFO occupant/humanoid sightings and other related events.

You may use the UFO Sightings and Related Events Report form  (4 MB pdf with fillable fields) to submit a detailed report via mail or email.  Please attach any images and sketches to your report and include URL links to media that has been uploaded to a website.  The form requires a pdf viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to be installed on your computer and then the form fields may be filled out after the file is saved.

Alternatively, you can submit your report using the form below.  You may attach one file per report, for example, an image, sketch or a document.  Additional reports may be submitted, if you would like to submit more than one attachment.  Please be patient while the file is uploaded, as this may take some time, depending on the file size.  If video and photographic media has been uploaded to a host website please include a URL links to this media in your report.

Tick, ‘I’m not a robot,’to successfully complete and when required, please complete the Google reCAPTCHA,  image recognition test, before clicking Send.

Please wait until the page has refreshed (forms fields empty) after clicking Submit, as this indicates that the report has been uploaded.  You will receive a confirmation email.  If you encounter any problems refresh the page.

We do try to reply to reports within a reasonable time frame, however there may be a delay when higher numbers of reports are submitted.

 Reports may be published on our website with email address/contact details removed.

Please use your first name only should you wish to remain anonymous.

We look forward to receiving your report and thank you in advance.

If you have any questions please contact us.

    Attach one file: include, sketches, image and video (10 MB maximum file size)