Saturday, 7 October 2023
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Club Burwood

97 Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW (map)

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Many prior presenters have tentatively braved the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ in zealous observance of truth. Steve intends to skip the rabbit hole and go straight into Pandora’s Box and give the sightseeing tour. His presentation will provide a more complete view, building on the excellent information of Atlantis and Lemuria, in particular.

Lyran Infiltration of the Human Destiny Path (below Anunaki)

Part 1 – Deep history profiling relationships, previously unknown. Steve will discuss the  origins of genetics and how that impacts divisions up the spiritual ladder. That will be overlaid on historic evidence and tradition.
Part 2 – Part two will begin with the great flood and pose the question, if there was a reseeding of Earth who did it … and where are they now? We shall visit paradise in the garden of Eden and a prison colony somewhere in the Caucuses. The sun, moon, false matrix and all implications will be explored to an explosive conclusion.
Diving into the greatest conspiracy that has never been revealed before – if they control us, who or ‘what’ controls the reptilians?

 Club Burwood
 97 Burwood Road, Burwood
Saturday, 7 October 2023 
1pm to 5pm
Admission: Members $15
Non Members $20

Steve has assured me this will be his best presentation ever, if he can pull it off.
Lets see if he can .. see you on the 7th 

UFOR Committee and Support Team, Maree, Leslie, Paul, Rudi, Skye and Steve.