Saturday, 5 November 2022
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Club Burwood

97 Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW (map)

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In November we are very pleased to have Pane Andov as our guest speaker. Pane has presented for UFOR on several occasions, and is always, extremely popular.

Here is an outline of his extensive presentation:

  A glimpse into our long forgotten ancient past and vanished super advanced civilizations.

 Proof that both benevolent and hostile superior extraterrestrial beings have been present in this solar system for a very long time and that they have interacted with the ancient inhabitants on Earth.

  A look at super advanced extraterrestrial weapons having been used in the ancient war around 4000 years ago to cause genetic mutation of the ancient humanoids and to downgrade their genetic functionality.

 Has Planet Earth become an elaborate Zoo controlled by a few hyper-intelligent alien species?

 A discussion on, the new mutated living forms on planet Earth, having been deliberately turned into beings with amnesia and exposed to all kinds of exploitation, such as alien abduction programs, alien implant programs, alien hybridization programs, mind control, plasma orbs surveillance, extractions of vital life force energy during deep sleep etc…

 Analysis of the new design of the “modern” Human Society – Ancient bloodlines forming the global “Shadow Government” that controls the secret societies, the so-called “elected governments” and their institutions.

 Exploration of the “modern time” and discovery of the subtle manipulation and the realisation that technologically superior extraterrestrial beings are in control of this solar system and this planet and that they have been around for a very long time.

  Scrutiny of the super-secret Shadow Government involvement in extensive study of the UFO phenomenon, the confirmed extraterrestrial presence in “our” solar system and their interaction with the modern humans.

  A look at extraterrestrial flying vehicles, their makeup, their fuel and electromagnetic propulsion systems, their manoeuvre capabilities, capacity to enter and exit a “stealth cloak” mode, acceleration, teleportation, creation of plasma shield to make them resistant to deep ocean pressure, the molten lava in the volcanoes etc.

  Discussion on the secret extraction and study of removed nano-implants from the alien abductees and attempts for reverse engineering of discovered extra-terrestrial nanotechnology by the Silicon Valley, for purpose of understanding how the ultimate, surveillance, hack and control of the human brain and consciousness has been done by the ETs.

  Exploration on the decision to implement and duplicate the acquired technology and knowledge on a global scale, and the start of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.

 A review of; too much power in the wrong hands, the internet of things, World Economic Forum (WEF), the consequences of hooking the human brain with AI and the distorted idea of transhumanism.

 Why are extra-terrestrial’s silent and not interfering about what is happening?

 Finally in conclusion, reviewing that humanity is on a crossroad, and the possible future of our planet…

Pane will have a variety of his books for sale. 

Club Burwood 
 97 Burwood Road, Burwood
Saturday, November 5 

 1pm to 5 pm
Pay at the door – cash only
$30 for annual members (see below for details) 
$35 for non- members

 NB: Annual Membership is $35 single, $40 family or $30 concession. 

Getting there:
A Wilson Car Park is 50 metres from Club Burwood on 36 George Street (entry via Railway Crescent).
The car park is open 24/7 and costs $5 all day Saturday. 
Burwood Station is less than a minutes’ walk from the venue. 

Pane is also offering an ALL-DAY WORKSHOP on Sunday, 6 November 


Learn how to astral travel, remote view, meditate deeply, open your third eye, harness chi and activate your ‘Flower of Life’ Auric field.

Sunday, 6 November 2022, 9am-5pm
Woodburn Creatives, 1-5 Woodburn St, Redfern
10 minutes’ walk from Redfern train station

Limited seating – BOOK NOW!

This is our last formal UFOR meeting for 2022, and in December (3rd) we will have our Xmas party.

We strongly recommend this lecture. Not only for the vast content (there is something for everyone), but the visuals will be second to none – you will not be disappointed. 

Kind regards from the UFOR Committee- Maree, Lesley, Paul and Rudi.