October 2015 Meeting with Brendan Murphy

Saturday, 3 October 2015
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club

117 Ryedale Road
West Ryde, New South Wales 2114 (map)

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October 2015 Meeting with Brendan Murphy

The first hour will be an open discussion and we invite you to participate and share your passions, research and opinions.  Most of us have favourite topics, given we are all open minded and curious individuals.  We want to hear from you, whether it is about UFOs, ETs or current world situations.

Brendan Murphy is the co-founder of Global Freedom Movement (GFM) and host of GFM Media.  He is an author, researcher, activist, musician and his non-fiction epic is, The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality – Book 1.

Many researchers believe that Kundalini activations spontaneously occur during NDEs and perhaps some alien abduction experiences.  Brendan believes that activating the evolutionary force of Kundalini need not require a physical death experience, alien abduction, or thousands of hours of meditation; instead by using sound and heart-based intention, we can systematically raise it.

Brendan will have copies of his book for sale at the meeting.



Brendan will also discuss:

  • insight into where humanity is heading
  • Kundalini activations and their relevance to the afterlife and NDEs
  • links between Kundalini activation, NDEs, abductions, shamanic initiations
  • astral parasites and reptilians
  • his 12D guardian/bodyguard and multidimensional DNA
  • Regenetics method developed by author Sol Luckman and
  • mysterious fragmentary body and resulting psychosomatic symptoms

Meeting entry is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

There is free parking beneath the club.