7 May 2016 Meeting with Barry Taylor and Sheryl Gottschall

Saturday, 7 May 2016
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Club Burwood RSL

96 Shaftesbury Road
Burwood, New South Wales 2134 (map)

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Sheryl and Barry have had a long association with the UFO phenomenon and have dedicated their lives to promoting awareness and educating the public.  Sheryl has been president of UFO Research Queensland Incorporated for more than 25 years and Barry is considered one of the most experienced photographers of UFOs in Australia.

Barry Taylor

Barry has been researching and photographing UFOs since 1970 after a close encounter with a football shaped UFO.  Barry was witness to UFO waves and flaps during the 1990s when living in Grafton, NSW and has had a number of paranormal experiences.

UFOs and alien activity has been witnessed from the beginning of human history.  UFOs have been witnessed during wartime, interacting and observing our aircraft and pilots.  They have also been observed at the site of major accidents.  In recent history we have cases where UFOs/ETs have been witnessed during tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes with entities offering comfort and protection for critically ill and dying people.  Why do they appear at these times of crisis?  What is their purpose?

Barry will share some of his amazing personal stories of UFOs that have appeared at the time of passing of family members, as well as other paranormal experiences.

Some of Barry’s UFO videos will also be shown during his presentation.

Sheryl Gottschall

Sheryl has been an active UFO investigator and researcher since 1988 and is the current president of, Brisbane based, UFO Research Queensland Incorporated.  She established a close encounter support group in 1992 and her personal unexplained experiences, include, a near death and bi-location experience, UFO sightings, a close encounter, poltergeist activity and various psychic phenomena.  Sheryl is an ET counsellor and hypnotherapist and facilitates close encounter support groups, a monthly Afterlife group, teaches Reiki, shamanic journeying and offers services for colour and art therapy.  She speaks regularly at UFO meetings and events such as community groups, schools and library groups.  She has given media interviews and writes for various UFO and New Age magazines.

Sheryl will take you on a journey through the archives of UFO Research Queensland Incorporated.  She will discuss among other things, why some people who have close encounters write strange scripts and speak strange languages and how can close encounter witnesses move through solid objects.  Including why do some close encounters appear mystical, are UFOs and the afterlife interconnected, and will we meet extra-terrestrials when we die?

Sheryl can be contacted via her website, Facebook and UFO Research Queensland Incorporated.

Meeting entry is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

There is $4 parking at the Wilson car park directly behind the club.  The Club is near to Burwood station.