7 July 2018 Presentation by Suzy Hansen on Alien Technology

Saturday, 7 July 2018
12:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club

117 Ryedale Road
West Ryde, New South Wales 2114 (map)

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7 July 2018 Presentation by Suzy Hansen on Alien Technology

The ‘New Physics’ of Consciousness and Intelligent Light

Suzy’s book, The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement, outlines alien programmes to assist and advance human evolution and prepare us for future contact.  Part of this agenda she has participated in involves training and testing humans in the use of advanced alien technology.  Is a global evolution of spirituality and consciousness a necessary pre-requisite for such technology?

Since childhood, Suzy has been able to describe the technology used on UFOs.  In the last ten years, similar technology in less sophisticated forms has emerged in our own world.  Is there a human/alien agenda associated with this?

The lecture will be in two parts:
1. Suzy will examine what constitutes ‘evidence’ in contact phenomenon and will present corroborative data of specific ‘conscious’ technology.
2. Suzy will also discuss the warnings provided to humans on craft and in underground and undersea bases, about our future.

Suzy Hansen is a former professional educationalist, author, researcher, experiencer, and public speaker.  She is the founding Director of the UFOCUS NZ Research Network (New Zealand UFO sightings) and co-ordinator of Communicatorlink (advocacy & support for experiencers/abductees).  She was instrumental in lobbying for the release of the New Zealand’s, Ministry of Defence, UFO files.  She has also lectured internationally about NZ UFO sightings and her contact experiences with non-human intelligences.

Suzy’s focus has been on encouraging the scientific community to examine reports of interactions with extra-terrestrials and UFOs.  She believes one of the major issues facing mankind will be contact with other civilisations in the Universe.

Suzy Hansen

Meeting entry is $25 for members and $30 for non-members.

There is free parking beneath the club. The West Ryde Railway Station is near the club.