4 March 2017 Presentation by George Kavassilas

Saturday, 4 March 2017
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Club Burwood

97 Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW (map)

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4 March 2017 Presentation by George Kavassilas

George is an author, mentor and speaker.  The presentation will be about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlling our world and whether it is alien, or human.  Many of us have considered the idea of a Matrix controlling this planet and at times feel as if we are being steered according to someone’s agenda.  George will explore the geopolitical and exopolitical nature of AI and who is behind it.

George has had a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences.  He has encountered both benevolent and malevolent, inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings.  As a result, George embodies a limitless passion in answering life’s primordial questions, such as, ‘Who are we, where do we come from and what are we doing here?’

The knowledge and wisdom George shares, along with his values and philosophy have helped thousands of people, to feel, to live in a more peaceful, centred, and empowered state.

George knows his life path carries a focus to expose all levels of deception, no matter how far they go, and a deep seeded responsibility to help and liberate humanity from doctrine and dogma, without exception.

As George has said, ‘It’s really a remembering process to revitalise and resurrect the Sovereign and Infinite Being, you truly are.’

His website can be viewed at: www.iaminfinite.love 

Meeting entry is $20 for members and $25 for non-members.

The Club is near to Burwood Railway Station.

There is $4 parking at the Wilson car park directly behind the club.