1 October 2016 Presentation by Starseeds (USA) with Judy Carrol and Helene Kaye

Saturday, 1 October 2016
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club

117 Ryedale Road
West Ryde, New South Wales 2114 (map)

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We are excited to welcome two Starseeds, Althea Treakle-Provost and Karen Restrom, both from the USA.  They will be joined by Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye from Brisbane.  The four women share a Grey/Human dual consciousness and believe they came here from another planet to fulfil a mission.  Althea and Karen plan to visit Uluru as part of a sacred tour.

Althea Teakle-Provost

Althea is a clairvoyant and intuitive counsellor.  Althea sees, ‘Beyond the skin suit,’ and will share her adventures on the road to conscious contact.  As a Grey, she has encountered ships, including a Galactic Federation craft, a Reptilian and Greys.  Blogging about multi-dimensional consciousness is one of Althea’s passion as well as hosting sacred travel tours.

Karen Restrom

Karen Restrom had been a special education teacher for the state of Mississippi (USA) for the past 16 years and now teaches year 4.  She is a Starseed who first started to awaken in 2012.  Since her awakening, she has recalled past lives and ship experiences.

Judy Carroll

Judy will be speaking about what it’s like to grow up on Earth with a dual, or melded soul consciousness.  She will explain what this means, what the process involves and the reasons why this soul choice was made.  The off-planet part of her conscious awareness was purposely closed off so that she could fully experience the Earth-human fear of ET visitation.

She will talk about the training she went through from an early age to enable her to carry out her mission as a bridge between humans and Greys, and certain avenues of study that she was advised to undertake as part of this role.

Judy has conscious memories of working on an ET ship as a Grey, carrying out procedures on humans, and this awareness has helped her to understand the difficulties involved in communication between the two species.  The memories of her experiences are conscious and do not involve hypnotherapy.

She will also be talking about her latest book, Extra-terrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History.  Judy’s other books are, The Zeta Message, and Human by Day, Zeta by Night.

Helene Kaye

Helene Kaye is the co-author of The Zeta Message, part of which was written directly from Helene’s diary notes of contact experienced by her two children, Ben and Kira.  She will talk about the effects this contact has had on her children, who are now adults.

Helene will be conducting a meditation session that was given to her by one of the Grey teachers that is designed to awaken and enhance our DNA and balance our chakras.  She and Judy will demonstrate an aura cleansing technique taught to them by Oris.

There will be a panel discussion, including the reasons behind ET encounters, why people are being taken, and what it’s like to experience life as a Grey.

Meeting entry is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

There is free parking beneath the club.  The West Ryde Railway Station is near the club.