UFO Detection and Tracking

UFO Detection and Tracking (UFODATA)

In 2015 a group of dedicated scientists and professionals have proposed an innovative approach to the scientific study of UFOs.  The goal is to build a network of automated observation stations with a variety of scientific instruments to capture comprehensive, scientifically valid data on the UFO phenomenon.  This group formed the organization UFO Detection and Tracking (UFODATA) and is led by Mark Rodeghier, Scientific Director of the Center for UFO Studies (USA) and Alexander Wendt, a political scientist at Ohio State University (USA).

The UFODATA website contains details on the technology planned for use in the observation stations, a listing of team members and details on the scientific study of UFOs.

Any breakthrough in our understanding of the UFO phenomenon will require a break from the past.  Witness testimony, photos, videos and documents have taken us only so far; instead, we need to record and study UFOs directly.  This is a daunting task, that is conceivable through advances in technology, software, communication and power supplies.

The cost of infrastructure for the stations will be substantial and crowdfunding is being utilised.

Phase One of the project has begun with the launch of the UFODATA website and outreach efforts.  The aim is to raise funds via donations to build a prototype observation station and develop the software and testing routines.  UFODATA is interested in technically-qualified volunteers that may be able to assist with the project.

UFODATA expects to build on the best work of the past and do what the scientific community as a whole has failed to do: take UFOs seriously and study them rigorously.

UFOxhound Advanced Capability Drone – Kickstarter Project

UFOxhound is an advanced capability drone specially designed to find and film aerial phenomena.  It will be deployed in UFO hotspots or waves worldwide to gather data on the phenomenon.  The data will be streamed to participating investors and selected scientists, for analysis.

Within 60 days of the Kickstarter Project launch, tentatively scheduled for 1 July 2016, they will announce if the funding goal had been reached.  Field testing will continue until UFOxhound has reach its performance goals, following that, deployments at UFO hotspots will begin.

Details on this project, reference information on UFOs, and the Kickstarter Project can be found at: http://ufoxhound.simdif.com/

Autonomous VTOL Models – ‘The Real Flying Saucers’, by James Dobson 2016

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