UFO Sightings and Related Events (2017)

Reports submitted to our Association, with personal identifying details removed.  Some reports have been edited to include additional information following verbal and email correspondence with the reporters (grammatical errors have been corrected).

Most witnesses have had no prior interest in UFOs and have decided to report an incredible event, that in most cases they will never forget.

Report initially submitted by Mark via guestbook on the 29 March 2017 with additional information submitted on the 30 March 2017.

Sighting of V Shaped UFO at Gosford, NSW, Australia on the 29 March 2017 at 10.40 pm 

Sitting on my balcony tonight (10.40) witnessed a V shaped set of very dim pale yellow/ gold coloured lights moving north to south in a straight line.  The lights appeared to be about 300 to 500 metres high.  Moving across my vision about 5 seconds.

I initially thought it was a flock of birds and the light from the street lights or houses was reflecting on the birds.  

The lights were in a V and each ‘wing’ was in a straight line, there was probably 4 to 6 lights on each line of the Vs.  I couldn’t make out any physical shape around the lights.  It was definitely not a flock of birds.  The lights and the path it took were very stable.
Very bizarre.

Report initially submitted by Sarah via the website report form on the 9 March 2017.

Sighting of Orange Sphere Shaped UFO over the Hawkesbury River at Mooney Mooney, NSW, Australia on 8 March 2017 at 6 am

I was on the train to Sydney, when I gazed out the window that faced towards the Mooney Money Bridge.  It was dark and overcast and rain started to hit the left side (Pacific Ocean side) of the train, so most people looked out to the left at the rain.

Something caught my attention on the right hand side of the train looking towards the Mooney Mooney Bridge (not the bridge its self, in that direction).  In the sky I saw an orange light, at first, I ignored the light.  I looked to the left to see if it was a reflection of nearby Hawkesbury, and no light resembled it so I looked back toward the right.

The object was orange like in colour (like a streetlight) and round like a perfect sphere.  It then started morphing into, like a jelly rounded object, less perfect and changed colours to reddish then back to the orange sphere and then shot off so quick west toward Singletons Mill.  This happened in the space of about 45 to 60 seconds.  I know what I witnessed was not road lights, this was too high.

Side note, this made me want to look at it, this is going to sound crazy but you know the feeling someone is watching you and you look up/at them and you see they are in fact watching you? Same feeling.

Download Document (PDF)

Sketch by witness with map showing sighting location.

Report submitted to Mariana Flynn by telephone on 6 March 2017

Sighting of Disc Shaped UFO from Qantas Airlines Flight QF628 over the Goulburn Valley, Victoria, Australia on 13 February 2017 at 5.30 pm

The aircraft was over the Goulburn Valley, Victoria at around 5.30 pm when the captain announced we had reached 35,000 feet (10,700 metres) altitude.   This was a Melbourne to Brisbane, Qantas Airlines flight QF628 that departed Melbourne at about 5.10 pm.

Out of the window I saw, at some distance below the aircraft, a dull grey metallic disc-shaped object, flying in a south or south western direction.  The object appeared to be flying parallel to the aircraft.

I watched the object for about a minute and a half and then lost sight of it.

Report initially submitted by Pete via the website guestbook on the 28 February 2017, with additional information provided by email on the 3 March 2017.

Sighting of Disc Shaped UFO at Dee Why Beach, NSW, Australia on 16 February 2017 at 5.30 pm

It was late in the afternoon and I was down near the beach with my daughter who is two years old.  We walked along past the pool and she started to play on the rocks near the foot path.  I’m a smoker so I thought here is my chance to step away from her a couple of metres so I could have a cigarette.

As I was smoking the cigarette I was looking at the sky and the sea.  Out of nowhere a UFO appeared, it was low and the clouds were low.  The UFO was glowing an orange colour and was shaped like a fat saucer.  The UFO appeared to resonate in this orange colour, a bit like a hologram as it moved through the cloud.  The cloud showed an orange glow like reflection that was similar to the shape of the UFO.  When the UFO came out of the cloud again, into the open sky, it was still resonating in this orange colour.  The weather conditions were clear sky with a few scattered clouds.  The UFO was silent.

The sighting lasted a few seconds and then it was gone, I don’t mean it flew off, it just disappeared.  The shape of it was like a saucer but fatter and around the edges.  The UFO appeared blurred, like it was pulsing out of focus.

I could not explain what the UFO was doing, it was large and I could see it very clearly for a few seconds.

Report initially submitted by Chris via the website guestbook on the 14 February 2017, with additional information provided by email on 16 February 2017.

Sighting of Triangular Shaped UFO at Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia on 13 February 2017 at 4.10 am

In the early morning I woke from sleep and lay in bed looking out the sliding door beside my bed.  While viewing the night sky and listening to the waves, I noticed a triangle shape rotating horizontally, in a clockwise direction, at walking pace, as if it was slowly turning.  I could only see one apex of the object from my room, since it appeared to be over the roof.  It could have flown over or near Maroochydore airport.

The object was about 60 metres above my roof and moving at ten or twenty kilometres per hour.  The object was black and appeared to absorb light and had no visible lights.

The weather was slightly hazy and cloudy.

I jumped out of bed and quickly got outside to get a better view, but the object was gone with no sound.  I could feel an energy or vibration in the air.  It felt as though the object knew I had seen it and therefore taken evasive action.  I did not see the direction that the object departed and can only assume to the south or south westerly direction.

There was a clear 180 degree view of the ocean from the north to the south.  I did not see it go in that direction.  The view from rear of the house is blocked by houses and a hill.

I have been feeling lethargic and have aches and pains in my joints since this sighting.  I don’t know if this is related, but these symptoms are subsiding.

There is no photographic or video evidence of the sighting.

Has there been other reports of this object in this area?

Schematic provided by witness showing the object’s apex, as viewed from the bed.

Editor’s comments:  We are unaware of any similar reports in this area.  It is inconceivable that similar advanced military ( for example, the Lockheed Martin SR-91 Aurora) man-made aircraft, if indeed they exist, would be piloted and tested over built-up areas in Australia or any other country.

Report submitted by Christina via the website guestbook on 10 March 2017.

Sighting of Black UFO over Ocean near Newcastle, NSW, Australia on 12 February 2017

I’m sorry it has taken me a few weeks to post this but I didn’t know what to do with the information.  It has been bothering me and I wondered if anyone else saw this object.  As such I had to go back on my calendar, it was either the 11 or 12 of February 2017 (more likely Sunday the 12).

We live fairly high up and look out over the ocean.  I was watching TV in the middle of the day.  I have windows all along the wall behind the TV facing the ocean.  Suddenly, I saw a black odd shaped object moving quickly from the left to right (north NSW, travelling south towards Newcastle).  It was so strange, my initial impression was it was a black garbage bag blowing in the wind.  I guess because your mind tries to explain something that you only glimpse for split-second, finding something familiar.  It was so strange the way it came across that I got up and walked onto the balcony.

There was no noise coming from the object.  I watched it and it had moved off to the right and stopped moving and was hovering.  I was trying to understand what it was which is why I mention there was no noise, it was hovering like a helicopter.  I was transfixed by it, then it reversed direction and travelled back across the way it had come but further out over the water.  Sometimes it was moving slow, sometimes fast, sometimes a straight line and sometimes it kind of looped around.  It eventually climbed really fast straight up then hovered for awhile now quite a distance offshore.

I was trying to keep watching it when my husband interrupted me, I turned for about three seconds and when I turned back it had vanished.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, could disappear from the skyline in that amount of time. 

I have lived near airports my whole life and are quite familiar with aircraft due to my previous job.  I have never seen anything behave like this object.

As I watched my neighbour was outside doing yard work with his back to the object.  Because the object was completely silent it did not catch his attention and I was speechless so I couldn’t call out to him to look.  I thought this bizarre object has just gone by this man and because it was silent he didn’t notice it.

I thought it would be made mention of in the newspaper or local news but I have heard nothing.  It has been bothering me ever since and I found this guestbook.  I was hoping another person near the coast had seen this object.

The only thing I would add is that observing this object and straining to see clearly, what I initially took for a black garbage bag had a black underside, that for the life of me, I cannot find the words to describe.  The object appeared to be more rectangular and the top, which I could see while it was hovering, appeared smaller, shiny silver in colour and circular.  The object moved with purpose and made movements that were extraordinarily fast.  This object was not a balloon, drone or plane.

I take heart in reading that it’s not just me, other people are witnessing UFOs up and down the east coast of Australia.