4 November 2017 Presentation by Moira McGhee

Saturday, 4 November 2017
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Club Burwood

97 Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW (map)

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4 November 2017 Presentation by Moira McGhee

During the first half of the meeting Jaimie and Aspasia Leonarder will present a compilation of 2017 news on anomalous research.  This includes Tom de Longe’s Star Academy press conference, Douglas Trumbull’s UFO investigations, Peru’s alien mummies, Todd Standing’s  Discovering Bigfoot and the Go & See Project.

Moira McGhee’s presentation will follow after the break.

Moira has been involved with BUFORA, UFORA and ACUFOS.  She founded and coordinates INUFOR, in addition to being a MUFON (USA) field investigator.  Moira co-founded our association in 1991 and is a life member.  She co-authored, The Gosford Files and is the author of, Contact Downunder.

Moira was born in Britain and has spent decades researching and maintaining contact with generations of the same families who have had ET contact.  In her new book, Alien Gene she focuses on humanoid ET contact.  Some of the cases in the book include genetic manipulation, telepathic communication and psychic abilities of contactees.  The humanoids are claimed to convey the same message, that we must improve how we care for our planet and co-exist peacefully with one another.  The humanoids are claimed to have infiltrated our society and live amongst us, undetected.

Moira has been awarded the National Medal with Bar and a Ministerial Commendation.  She is also active in the area of human rights and animal welfare and is Senior Vice-President of Hearts for Animals.

Moira’s books will be on sale at the meeting, prices are:

The Gosford Files $30
Contact Downunder $40
The Alien Gene $35
Three book set $90

Meeting entry is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.
The Club is near to Burwood Railway Station.
There is $4 parking at the Wilson car park directly behind the club.