About Us


Our primary aims are:

  • Host public meetings for people with interests in UFOs and related phenomena
  • Examination and analysis for the veracity of images and videos that are suspected of showing UFOs
  • Collect and publish UFO sightings’ reports on this website
  • Support for those who may have experienced extra-terrestrial contact, UFO close encounters and related anomalous events

Our By-Laws (Terms and Conditions) apply to members and non-members.


UFO Research (NSW) was established at a public meeting on 10 November 1991, with this Business Name registered in NSW, Australia until the Association was incorporated.

The group was one of the first UFO groups in Australia to launch a public website in 1995.

On the 26 April 2007 UFO Research (NSW) became an Incorporated (Inc) Association (INC9887379) under the New South Wales (NSW) Government, Australia, Associations Incorporation Act 2009.  The registered legal name therefore was changed to UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated.  The Association is governed by rules that comply this Act and are documented in our Constitution (640 kB pdf document).  The Act is administered in NSW by Fair Trading.  Under the tax legislation in Australia the Association is assessed as a non-profit company (Australian Tax Office Guide NAT 7967).

Following incorporation the Association launched on Facebook and subsequently, Meetup Group on 22 August 2012.

The third and current website (WordPress) was launched on the 1 March 2015.

Our Youtube Channel was launched on 10 May 2015.  Our speakers’ presentations, at meetings since May 2015, can be viewed on our Youtube Channel.

The Mailchimp management of the email news updates and website integration, commenced in September 2016.

The history of the Association, to the present date, may be viewed through our website, using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  The first archived snapshot of our website occurred on 27 December 1996, click on the year in the horizontal menu and then a highlighted date in the calendar to view the Association website at that date.

Australia and New Zealand have a rich history of public and private UFO organisations, see UFOinfo.com for current UFO Organisations in Australia.

‘The New South Wales (NSW) Spotlight on UFOs’ article by Bill Chalker covers UFO research history in New South Wales, Australia.  In addition, Keith Basterfield has complied an extensive history of South Australian UFO research 1953-2017.  

2018/2019 Executive Committee Members

President: Maree Baker

Vice President: Jaimie Leonarder

Secretary: Maree Baker and Aspasia Leonarder

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Anthony Clarke

Public Officer of Association: Anthony Clarke

Media Spokespersons: Doug Moffett (mobile: 0428 985 050) and Jaimie Leonarder (landline: 02 9517 2010)

Meetings’ Audio Visual and Technical Support: Paul Kretzas

PayPal Account Manager: Anthony Clarke

Meetup Group Organiser: Maree Baker

YouTube Channel: Paul Kretzas and Anthony Clarke

Facebook Editor: Aspasia Leonarder and Maree Baker

UFO Sighting Reports: Anthony Clarke and Maree Baker

Website Management: Anthony Clarke

Meetings’ Host: Jaimie Leonarder



Mariana Flynn with Dr Steven Greer (USA)

Past President (2010 to 2017) of UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated, Mariana Flynn with Dr Steven Greer (USA)


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