2020 Meetings’ Schedule

Pane Andov Feb 2019

Warren Aston Oct 2018

Richard Dolan May 2018


The 2020 meetings will be held at Club Burwood, 97 Burwood Road Burwood.

Commencing at 1 to 5pm  (unless notified otherwise).

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month (unless notified otherwise).

Members and non-members are welcome to attend any public meeting.


The following meetings and functions are planned for 2020   

29 February  Night Sky Watch Collaroy Long Reef Headland

21 March at Club Burwood – Mark Devlin (UK)

4 April at Club Burwood – Bill Chalker 

2 May at Club Burwood – Rev. Paul Wallis 

6 June at Club Burwood – 

4 July at Club Burwood – Shane Ryan

1  August at Club Burwood – Moira McGhee

5  September at Club Burwood 

3 October at Club Burwood

7 November at Club Burwood

12 December at Club Burwood – Xmas Party


Meeting with Suzy Hansen on 2 May 2015

Meeting with Suzy Hansen on 2 May 2015 at Club Burwood, Burwood